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Saturday, December 2, 2023

ArcelorMittal’s Train Crash Leaves Dozen Injured

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Two ArcelorMittal Liberia trains for the first time in 12 years were involved in a collision near the northern of Ganta, on 21 May leaving 12 persons injured, the company said in an email statement

“There were no fatalities but unfortunately two out of the four-train crew sustained injuries and have been transferred to a hospital in Monrovia. The other two crew members whose injuries were less severe were immediately admitted to the AML Hospital. One has already been released and the other remains under observation.

“A detailed investigation has commenced with initial indications suggesting human error rather than any mechanical failures. There was no serious damage to the environment or the underlying track bed as a result of this accident, the company said.

“Initial investigation has also revealed that 10 civilians were on board these trains when they collided. According to the AML’s regulations and safety procedures, civilians are prohibited from travelling on AML trains which are used strictly for transportation of iron ore. The civilians involved in the accident sustained minor injuries and were provided immediate medical care by the company. Seven of them have already been released from the hospital and three remain under observation.

“Rail operations at ArcelorMittal Liberia have been temporarily impacted and recovery teams have been mobilized. The rail hardware is being inspected by the company’s engineers, who are working to restore operations back to normal as soon as possible, taking all necessary safety and COVID-19 precautions for employees, the local community and the environment.

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