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Liberia: Police Closing In On Former Chief Justice Scott Daughter’s Killer

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By Oracle News Daily

Police in Monrovia are closing in on the identity of the actual killer and accomplices of the teenage daughter of former Chief Justice Gloria Scott, nearly two months after the teenager was reported dead.

The investigation has entered its final stage with significant progress made, people with knowledge of the probe have told the Oracle News Daily on straight condition of anonymity. Releasing specific details could hinder investigation and damage chances of prosecution, one said.

Witnesses are lining up to testify in yet another murder trial that carries a lot of terrifying and shocking accounts, the source said.

Police spokesman Moses Carter contacted said the public will be updated on the status of the investigation this week.

On April 6, the victim’s family asked the Liberian government to surrender the remains of their relatives into their custody for burial.

“The object of the request is to bury Charloe so that her body and remains will be finally laid to rest with the decency, dignity, honor, and respect she deserves in keeping with our tradition and custom,” the said in a letter to the Minister of Justice Musa Dean.

The provisional autopsy report shows injuries on the deceased left side cut a blood vessel under her rib.

The deceased bled profusely outside and inside and the bleeding inside filled her left side chest and damaged the left lung. Pathologist Benedict Kolee said on March 21.

ON February 22, 2023, at about 11:00 P.M it was reported that armed attacked on the home of Liberia’s former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott led to the gruesome murder of Charloe Musu with several others sustaining injuries.


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