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IB CEO Files Divorce After Wife Said ‘Pregnancy Not For You’

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Dispute over pregnancy ownership and nearly eight years of toxic relationship has pushed International Bank Liberia Limited Chief Executive Officer Henry Saamoi to
end marital contract with his Wife Vivian.

Saamoi said his home was beset by confusion in 2016, a year after their marriage in 2015 when his wife informed him that the pregnancy she was carrying was not his.
Vivian has rejected that account and wants a DNA test.

After many appeals from his wife’s families and friends he decided to support her with the pregnancy until the day she gave birth to her son, he told the Civil Law
Court in Monrovia.

“Since then things have not been fine with us. There has been serious confusion in our marital home as my wife on many occasions disgraces and disrespects me in

“My wife’s aggression led to physical fights and she is always in the habit of fighting me in the presence of the children that live with us.

“She promised and threatened to break bottles on my head if I open my mouth to respond to the insults.

“This attitude of my wife led me to leaving our marital room to a rented property where I currently reside since February 2020 until our separation from each other.

In a counter testimony Tuesday Vivian Joe Saamoi rejected her husband accusation regarding the pregnancy.

“If my husband thinks that the child is not his I think what he needed to do was to request for a DNA test instead of filing in for divorce as an excuse for our
marriage,” she said.

“I saw several node photos of different ladies in my husband phone.”

Vivian told the open Court and the jury that they started experiencing problems in their marriage in 2019 when her husband started receiving ladies calls at night and
walking away to answer it.

According to court document the pair entered holy matrimony on December 6, 2015 with the hope that they could live together in peace and harmony, happiness and
carrying for one another if blessed with children, care for, support and bring up each child with Christian faith.

Saamoi said in violation of her marital vow his estranged wife has become very disrespectful by using inventive and insulting words such as stupid, useless, foolish,
etc. in the presence of the maid and others.

He has petitioned the Civil Law Court of Montserrado County to end his nine years marriage with his wife Mrs. Vivian Joe Saamoi.

In his six-count complaint, the banker cited incompatibility of temper, cruel, and inhumane treatment as reasons pushing him to end the relationship.

The IB Bank CEO wants the court decree in dissolving the marital contract entered into by and between him and his wife, by declaring them separate and distinct persons
as though no such marital contract was ever made and executed between them.

“I want the court to grant unto me any further relief as it made deem just, legal and equitable in the premises.” He pleaded. His wife still wants the relationship.

Writes Melvin Jackson

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