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Liberia Elections Body Says 20 Candidates Vying For President

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By Staff

National Elections Commission Sunday certified 20 presidential candidates to stand in the October 10 elections with the main opposition n candidate hope to unseat President George Weah who is buoyant about maintain the office for another six years.

Main opposition Unity Party leader Joseph Boakai comes face-to-face with Weah for the second time after losing to the iconic footballer in 2017. Parties and candidates are campaigning across the country. Weah has assured the 5.4 million population that the elections will be free, fair and transparent.

On Friday he worshiped with Muslims in Monrovia while the CDC had a vigil night praying and singing for peace.

Weah has been pointing to gains made in his first term to dismiss his rivals while suggesting to voters he’s the perfect fit for the role.

“In five years I gave you free education, I give you hospitals. We have built and rehabilitated numerous school buildings, providing access to quality education for our youth, constructed hundreds of kilometers of roads across the country,” he told supporters during a rally in July.

“As we approach the upcoming race, my competitors boast of experience. Yet, I stand before you today as the most experienced candidate, having served as President for the past five years. We have utilized our time in office to work tirelessly for the Liberian people. We have not squandered the opportunities that were entrusted to us.

“Liberia is not a test tube for failed experiments. The lives and futures of our people are at stake. We deserve better, and we deserve development. The improvements in our economy and infrastructure are evident for all to see. We are on an irreversible path of progress, a path that touches every sector of society.

Weah’s main rival Boakai, 78, is making what appears to be his last push for the presidency after more than 40 years in public service. He’s presenting himself as an anti-corruption candidate.

“We find ourselves at a crucial moment in our nation’s history. The launch of our political campaign under the Unity Party Alliance’s banner demonstrates a significant occasion filled with hope and determination,” Boakai said in a Saturday Facebook post.

“With deep conviction and a strong sense of duty, driven by our collective call for change to a brighter future for Liberia, I am fully committed.

“Our mission in this campaign is clear: we are determined to democratically replace the current George Weah regime and put an end to widespread corruption, unexplained mysterious deaths, economic and social degradation of our people and incompetence that has plagued our nation.

“Together, we must join hands to rebuild our beloved Liberia, and restore good governance, transparency, and accountability.

“Our aspirations go beyond mere ambitions; they reflect a profound commitment to the welfare of every Liberian. Our vision is one of inclusiveness, where opportunities and prosperity are accessible to all, regardless of their background or origin.

“To achieve this vision, we pledge to foster trust and cooperation between the government and its people. We understand that a strong democracy thrives on the unwavering trust between citizens and their leaders. Therefore, we will work tirelessly to restore that trust by creating avenues for open dialogue and engagement, ensuring your voices are heard, and your concerns addressed.

“We will vehemently work to curtail vices including corruption, marginalisation, and injustice, which are all enemies of progress. To combat these menaces, we will implement robust measures, ensuring that public trust is once again restored in our governance system. Our fight against corruption will be impartial and will start on the very first day of our governance.

“As we begin the campaign, I urge all of our supporters, well-wishers and sympathizers to keep our campaign clean, void of any attitude that will create violence. We must, at all times, avoid the temptation of engaging into violence no matter what. As our supporters have already developed the slogan “We Agree”, let us agree to every dirt that will be thrown at us in the interest of peace and stability of our country.”

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