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CDC’s Vocation School Produces First 1,002 Graduates

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The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Munah Tech said that the technical institution created and operated by

The ruling Congress for Democratic Change technical vocation education program is enhancing national security, social cohesion and stability.

The party operates a vocation school at its national headquarters in Monrovia with an estimated 5,000 students enrolled.

During its first graduation ceremony on Sunday September 3, Samora Wolokollie who chairs the Board of Directors said Munah Tech is filling the skills gap while also   associated with the country’s youth population.

Munah Tech is empowering young people with employable skills to secure their future and enhance national security, peace and stability..

Samora, also the deputy finance minister for Fiscal Affairs told the 1,002 graduates opportunities for personal growth and transformation extend to all in society.

“It is a principle of inclusivity that CDC holds dear. One that welcomes every Liberian, regardless of their background or political affiliation, to partake in the promise of Munah Tech Vocational School,” he said.

“Munah Tech represents a unique and wonderful opportunity for an individual like Honorable Yekeh Kolubah, Representative of District #10 to reconsider his role(s) in our society.

“Constructive dialogue and civil discourse are essential pillars of a thriving democracy. It is vital for all public officials to engage in debates and discussions that uplift our nation rather than divide it.

“The existence of Munah Tech should serve as a symbol of unity and progress, offering the chance for those who may have engaged in divisive rhetoric to choose a path of personal growth and development.


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