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“Russia’s Covert Involvement in Liberian Politics Poses Threat to Democracy”

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As Liberia braces itself for the upcoming October elections, disturbing reports have emerged of the Russian government’s financial backing of the Unity Party’s campaign. This recent development raises concerns about the potential threat to Liberia’s democracy and the erosion of America’s political influence in the region.

Amidst the escalating geopolitical tensions between Russia and the United States, it is essential for the international community to closely monitor these developments and the implications they may have on Liberia’s political landscape.

Russia’s Geopolitical Ambitions:

Russia’s efforts to establish alliances and partnerships in different regions as a means to challenge Western dominance and increase its global influence are well-known. West Africa, including Liberia, has become a focal point for Russia’s expanding influence.

By supporting the Unity Party’s campaign, Russia aims to secure a potential ally that will undermine America’s political influence in Liberia and potentially jeopardize the country’s democratic institutions.

Undermining Democracy:

Russia’s involvement in Liberian politics raises significant concerns about the integrity of the democratic process. The financing of a political party by a foreign power, particularly one with a contentious record on human rights and democracy, threatens the fairness and transparency of the electoral system.

It undermines the principles of free and fair elections and risks creating an uneven playing field where external interests manipulate the outcome to serve their own agenda.

Human Rights Concerns: Russia’s engagement with the Unity Party also raises concerns regarding its human rights records and its stance towards democracy. The Unity Party, if supported by Russia, risks aligning itself with a nation that has been criticized for its authoritarian tendencies, curbing civil liberties, and suppressing dissent.

This association undermines the credibility of the Unity Party and calls into question its commitment to upholding democratic values and promoting human rights in Liberia.

Regional Stability:

The balance of power in West Africa could be impacted by Russia’s attempts to establish a foothold in the region through its support of the Unity Party. The involvement of external powers in a country’s internal affairs can disrupt regional stability and exacerbate existing geopolitical rivalries.

Additionally, Liberia’s relations with other countries may be strained if they have differing viewpoints on Russia’s actions and its impact on democracy and human rights.

Protecting Liberia’s Democracy:

In the face of these concerning developments, it is imperative for Liberia, in collaboration with its international partners, to safeguard the integrity of its democratic process.

It should ensure that the upcoming elections are conducted in a free, fair, and transparent manner, with robust measures in place to prevent undue foreign influence. The international community, including the United States, should closely monitor the situation and support efforts to maintain Liberia’s democratic institutions.


The involvement of Russia in Liberia’s political landscape through its support of the Unity Party poses a significant threat to the country’s democracy. It undermines the principles of free and fair elections, risks eroding America’s political influence, and raises concerns about Russia’s human rights records and its impact on regional stability.

Liberia must remain vigilant and take steps to protect its democratic institutions, while the international community must support efforts to ensure that the upcoming elections are conducted with integrity and transparency.

Authored: Atty. Samora P. Z. Wolokolie, PhD., CA., CPA., CFE., FCFIP., FFA (UK), FIPA (Aus.), LLB.


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