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Hell in marriage

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My parents gave me a monster.

A black Wolf, as my husband.

My kinsmen, break the kola-nut.

Giving me hell, on earth.

I lost my voice, with a hopeless cry.

As my body, is his rotten best friend.

They speak in tongues, in unity,

As pains shedding tears, with me.

He rules my world, with pain.

Sex I can not enjoy, with peace.

Soft words, he hates to speak.

My parents dash me, into a bloody river.

I curse my gender, in shame,

With my parents to blame.

My pillows, comfort me in grief.

Insomnia gives me a salty taste.

My lost hopes, I wish to find.

My parents are far away from town.

I am the lost Eagle, without wings to soar.

A Goddess, without beauty to show.

Bearing children, I am not sure,

As my wound feels grief, in tears.

My parents gave me a monster.

Kinsmen, find pleasure in kola-nut.

As my tradition sold me to suffer.

I am lost, dream in chains.

&Donzo Sekou

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