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Stop Racism

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My skin, they say, is black.

This color makes me proud.

Africa has always been my pride.

A smile, my face will never lack.

They push me, because of my skin.

With dignity, I will become a king.

Love has become a shame.

For every crime, I am to be blamed.

My face is up to the sky.

In no time, I will be at the top.

I didn’t plead, for my color.

I was given it, as a gift.

I am an African.

The soil of Africa gave me my star.

My journey to the mountain top, I need to start.

Give me, that smile of light,

With comfortable flights.

Dining in the shrine of unity,

Our crops will turn to ashes of prosperity.

This world is not our home.

Tomorrow, we will wake up to the horn,

Where deeds will be counted.

No race will be Supreme.

Preach to me the letter of love.

Let me give you, my white dove,

With unity on its smiling beak,

As it soars higher, to the peak.

@Donzo Sekou


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