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CEMENCO launches low-cost Superplast 22.5X product in Liberia

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Written by Global Cement staff25 September 2023

Liberia Cement Corporation (CEMENCO) has introduced Superplast 22.5X, a new product that is specifically designed for use in plastering and laying blocks and tiles.

Speaking at the launch on 25 September 2023, William Gaignard, CEMENCO’s General Manager, emphasised the historic importance of this product, highlighting its overall affordability, making it accessible for all Liberians to build their homes at a lower cost.

Expressing his desire to witness a shift from mud houses to sustainable and economical homes made using concrete, Gaignard said that 50kg bags of Superplast 22.5X would cost 19% less than the average price of cement in Liberia.

“Today marks a significant moment in our journey here at CEMENCO,” said Gaignard. “When we do business, we have to assess our position in the market. Are we the leaders? If not, we must find solutions to become leaders.

If we are the leaders, we must find solutions to maintain our position. This requires innovation, understanding the challenges faced by citizens and working towards solutions.”

Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, Dr Jewel Howard-Taylor, who was present at the launch, praised CEMENCO for its forward-thinking approach in ensuring affordable cement for non-load-bearing applications in the local market.

However, she urged the company to provide clear guidance to the public on the proper usage of the cement to avoid misuse, particularly in the production of load-bearing structures, for which it should not be used.

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