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House Speaker Faces Tough Race as ‘Country Devil’ Disrupts Vote Count

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By House Press Bureau

‘Country Devil’ unceremoniously appeared in Old Sodoken town in Maryland County Electoral District # 2, igniting fear and pushing polling staff and observers to flee for safety.

The dreadful mask appearance disrupted vote count in the town where results from two polling places were plagued with series of controversies.

The intent of the country devil has not been established, Ballot boxes were taken to a secured location in the region’s provincial capital Harper, Oracle correspondent said.

House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers is facing a tough race to return to the capitol against an unlikely challenger Antony Williams. The Speaker aide told the Oracle News Daily he is winning with a 700 vote margin.

A win will extend his stay in the House to 24  years after securing the seat in the country’s first post war democratic elections in2005.

It was reported that the Country Devil took over the ballots’ site.

Prior to this incident, specifically on election day, it was observed that members of Mr. Anthony Williams’s team were seen harassing and intimidating members of the CDC and Team Chambers, to the extent of threatening them with bodily harm and destruction of election materials—the ballots.

Reports say the ballot boxes are currently in the possession of the National Elections Commission in Harper, Maryland County.

Officials of the CDC and Team Chambers, have filed an official complaint against the reported act perpetrated by the Country Devil and its co-conspirators.

Scores of supporters of Dr. Bhofal Chambers, are pointing accusing fingers at candidate Anthony Williams who reportedly ordered scores of young people to take to the streets of Pleebo chanting undemocratic slogans.

In the wake of this uprising, House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers, encouraged his supporters to remain peaceful; bracing themselves for a victory celebration on Thursday, October 12, 2023.

Calm has since returned to Pleebo Sodoken District, with normal activities ongoing.

Meanwhile, the National Elections Commission is expected to probe the allegations.



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