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Death Is Not My Friend

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Death we shall kiss in tears,

In time, we will have no fear.

The rich and poor live in the harmony of gold,

One suppresses the other to the core, and in time everything will get old.

From my grandmother, this is what I was told.

All I have today I called mine,

A day will come when I will leave everything behind.

This gloomy world of distrust is a stage,

Our good and bad deeds are recorded with age.

Tell that rich man to put away his ego,

Tell that poor man to forget about his wicked goal,

Our time here is limited and we are entitled to go.

Death will give you a sweet kiss

A moment you are bound to embrace,

Everyone is expected to have this special grace.

Death, sweet fruit from a labor room,

A face captured by gloom,

A monster, who will keep you speechless,

Family members shedding tears,

A monster that will take you away from Earth.

To death, we shall kowtow, a symbol of justice,

Where no race or class is superior,

When it comes to you, popularity and name death ignore.

Death is a symbol of Justice to mankind.


@Sekou Donzo


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