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“Setting the Record Straight, Upholding Democracy Amidst Potential Unrest”

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Liberia’s Deputy Minister for Fiscal Affairs, Samora Wolokolie has sharply clarifies his recent on the residents of Peace Land, Monrovia.

“In a recent statement, I clarified my position on what appears to be a controversial post made on October 15, 2023, regarding Peace Island. I vehemently deny any intention to undermine Liberia’s democracy or jeopardize the nation’s peace,” he said.

According to a press statement released in Monrovia, yesterday’s evening, Minister Wolokolie said the post in question aimed to shed light on a potentially dangerous scheme orchestrated by certain individuals seeking to provoke unrest and create chaos before the official announcement of election results by the National Elections Commission on October 10, and that  he had  received credible information about a planned assembly of a group with malicious intent to take to the streets and demand a transition outside of the established democratic process.

“Emphasizing my unwavering commitment to democratic principles, I will like to reassure the public that I will relentlessly advocate for democracy in all circumstances. As a member of the governing party and an official of the government of Liberian, I pledge to respect the will of the people, understanding it as akin to the will of God.

The intention behind the post was to call upon the peace-loving residents of Peace Island to remain calm and to simultaneously thwart any sinister plans by non-residents to use Peace Island as gateway to pursue power outside of the democratic process,” the statement added.

The Coalition for Democratic Change stalwart that extended his appreciation to the peace-loving people of Peace Island, saluting their commitment to the nation’s peace.

“I recognize and respect the people of Peace Island pledge to support, build and working towards a united community and prosperous future for the children.

In this critical period leading up to the election results, it is my hope that my clarification reinforces the dedication of the peace-loving people of Peace Island to upholding democracy, urging all citizens to remain vigilant and united against any attempts to subvert the democratic process.

I hope this message echos the importance of peaceful and democratic transitions of power, ensuring the stability and progress of Liberia,” the statement concluded.


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