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Stop the War

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If we fight and kill each other…

Who will take care of our land?

As our bodies, will be placed in shame.

Ambush awaits our children’s futures.

With bloody tears of regret.

War is not a good word.

How will we explain the tales,

To the children unborn?

Let us understand ourselves,

And better our minds, for peace.

Peace should be our surviving enemies.

As we embark on the journey,

Of a saved future

With lights of unity to shine,

On our world

Let us preach peace, instead of war.

War is not a good word.

Peace piece in poverty,

Is better than piece war in richest…

Killing innocent souls

And raping our mothers and sisters…

Is all war has to offer us.

Even those whose world was started with war…

Let’s stop ourselves from war…

If we fight and kill each other,

Who will take care of our resources?

As our wealth remains our children’s hopes.

War is not a good word.

Moving positively, with the hope of transforming the world.

Growing up, our dreams and aspirations.

Developing our minds, to better our children’s future.

Let war not be our word.

I am a humanitarian, not a terrorist…

I am a poet, not a politician…

I am a human, not an animal…

Let’s stop war, as it is not a good word.


@Sekou Donzo


@Sacred ink

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