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Gilded Healing: A Stroke Survivor’s Journey at the Giant Gym in Monrovia

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By George Werner

In a bustling gym filled with the clatter of weights and the sound of rhythmic music, a young man sat on one of the stools, his presence drawing attention from everyone around.

He was an enigmatic figure, standing tall at six feet with a slim physique that exuded confidence.

However, what truly caught people’s attention was the excessive display of gold adorning his body—a large, oversized gold chain hung around his neck, a matching gold wristband glimmered on his arm, and a flashy gold ring adorned his finger.

It was clear that the young man had suffered a stroke. His assigned physical therapist, a dedicated professional, stood nearby, helping him through his rehabilitation.

Despite the physical setbacks he faced, his charismatic aura seemed untouched.

Positioned strategically on the gym stools, he sat at a spot where gym-goers passed him by.

As young ladies made their way through the gym, some couldn’t resist stopping to greet him affectionately.

With a glint in his eyes, he lifted his right hand, confidently resting it on their lower backs, a gesture that seemed to bring him a sense of contentment.

He would caress and fondle, relishing in the connection he formed with each passing encounter.

Our eyes met, and a smile crept onto both our faces. I watched him, intrigued by his unconventional approach to healing.

“Whatever helps the healing process,” I whispered to myself, acknowledging that everyone finds solace in different ways.

In the midst of his playful interactions, he made a sassy comment to a young woman passing by.

She responded with a playful retort, “You’ll get another stroke oo,” teasingly suggesting that his mischievous behavior might lead to unexpected consequences.

The young man chuckled, his laughter mingling with the vibrant energy of the gym. It was evident that despite his physical limitations, his spirit remained resilient.

Each encounter, each lighthearted exchange, provided him with a sense of normalcy and joy amidst his rehabilitation journey.

As I observed him, it became clear that his unique approach to healing wasn’t merely about physical recovery.

It was a testament to the power of human connection, the ability to find solace in the simplest of interactions, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

And so, the young man continued to sit on his stool, his presence a beacon of strength and inspiration for those around him.

As gym-goers passed by, he brought a touch of lightness to their day, reminding them that even in the face of hardship, there is always space for laughter, connection, and healing.


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