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“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand words”

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One does not have to be an expert to see when people are unhappy in the company of others.

The body language displayed in the photos above is indicative of the bad rapport existing between Ma. Ellen and Joseph Boakai.

This has to be predicated upon Boakia’s juvenile grudge-bearing maneuvers and behavioural patterns.

The photos were taken at different intervals during the celebration of Ma. Ellen’s birthday.

But her mood, sitting next to her former subordinate, is anything but celebratory! She is withdrawn, cold and aloof.  No prizes for guessing why.

The presence of a certain family member or friend at one’s birthday can haul back fond or bad memories.

In the instant case, there can be no denial that the presence of Boakai and Koung at Madam Sirleaf’s birthday brought back unpleasant memories – it did not rejuvenate the spirit of warmth as Madam Sirleaf is left to wonder whether Prince Johnson’s stooge, Koung, would protect her legacy and that of the Great Dr. Edward Binyah Kesselly?

Having worked closely with her as one of the outstanding faces of her Administration, through the eyes of imagination, I can see Madam Sirleaf struggling to contain her composure and remain dignified as memories of her expulsion, on her birthday, from her beloved Unity Party comes flooding back.

It was with the agreeable and conspiratorial silence of Joseph Boakai that some misguided and beardless boys bizarrely expelled Ma. Ellen from Unity Party! On her birthday.

Her heart is pounding fast, she wonders what would happen to our country if she were to cozy up to Boakai once more – bearing in mind that she brought him to prominence, while he deliberately paid her with deceit, disdain and disgrace – an unwarranted dishonor to her legacy! Her body language understandably changes fast.

She has to be thinking: Where is his list of 17 grievances against me? Should I allow him to unleash those unjustified grudges? How wicked and ungrateful can Boakai be stabbing everyone who helped him fuel his dales sense of entitlement?

“Having served as vice president for 12 years, he blames everything on me – taking responsibility for nothing,” she cogitates.

However, as a consummate professional and former Head of State, she would reluctantly oblige to public etiquette, and welcomed Boakai, the Betrayer-in-Chief and Koung, the mass murderer-in-chief’s protégé with smiles. But the smiles would dissipate quickly.

Boakai is toast! The body language is clear! Ungrateful and deceitful Boakai can kowtow and prostrate all he wants. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will not support him!

Hence, I must ask a question to this dangerous Grand Old Deceiver-in-chief:  What manner of man are you, Papay, and do you ever sleep at night?

No wonder that you doze off involuntarily within seconds, whenever sitting or standing!

Fellow Liberians: If you really care for Liberia and our people, cast your ballot against Joseph Nyumah Boakai on November 14, 2023!


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