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The God of the 11th Hour

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By: Leymah R. Gbowee

In 1996, living in Ghana with my three kids and their father; my primary source of income then was braiding hair. Somehow, God always sent at least one client, and their payment would pay for food or some of the kids’ immediate needs.

We lived from “hand to mouth.” One day, I had zero customers and no money at all for breakfast for the kids.

I sat up waiting, hoping, praying, begging God for just one client to come, their payment would cover at least bread and tea, but no one came till very late, and I resigned to my fate of no money and went to bed.

At about midnight, I heard a knock on the door “Nuku Mamie, Nuku Mamie!” It was Kwame, a tenant in the kids’ grandmother’s house.

I came out, and he had a grocery bag filled with bread, milo, butter, sugar—just about everything.

He was at church, and a woman had given him the items to give to a mother with children; talk about the 11th hour.

This past Friday, I bought the main cabin ticket to fly from New York City to LA and requested an upgrade to business class.

It was a 7am flight, and the agent told me my chances for an upgrade were high.

A few hours later, I got an email alert that I had been upgraded to comfort. Well, that was not my desire, but I was grateful.

I checked in and was still hopeful that I would get the business class seat, but that did not happen during check-in.

I went to board my flight and was still hopeful. The gate agent told me there was zero chance of getting a seat in business class.

I took a deep breath, as tired and hopeful as I was. I smiled, straightened up my shoulders, and thanked God for where he had me. I got on the flight and sat down.

The stubborn Leymah was still hopeful that something miraculous would happen. However, I was conflicted in my hope.

I must add that, even as I was hoping, I was equally doubtful. They announced that the boarding door was closing.

I thought to myself, “Oh well, this is it.” I lifted my head and saw the agent, and he said to me, “Your new seat is 2A.”

I jumped out of my seat as quickly as physically possible.

My entire plan was to sleep, I got to 2A, and sleep would not come. It was a moment for God to teach me.

We often hear amongst us Christians that, “God is a God of the 11th Hour”. This means when you have given up hope, and all seems naturally impossible, God steps in.

As a Christian, I believe it and have seen it happen in my own life and the lives of many, but recently, I have been so stressed about life, resources, success, and failure that I have doubted God’s ability to step in.

Yesterday he reminded me that He is not a God that can or should be written off. I have also learned recently that no one can say God owes them. Whatever we do, He comes back and repays us.

I know during these uncertain times, we are all having one issue or the other. Please don’t give up because even when the door is being shut, someone might just put their foot in the doorway and stop it from being shut.

Hold on to hope. Our GOD IS THE GOD OF THE 11th HOUR!

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