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Ex-Housing Chief Wants Six More Years for Weah

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Celia Cuffy Brown, the former National Housing Authority Chief who quitted the Weah administration to challenge his second term bid is now backing the President in the runoff vote after dropping out of the race.

After leading the country in a difficult six-year period that witnessed meaningful infrastructure development amidst  global economic uncertainty, a devastating COVID-19  health pandemic and the disruptive war in Europe, Weah deserves another six more years, she said in a statement issued Sunday.

“There are tangible developments projects that can be seen throughout his six years term.

It is only prudent that we give him additional six years so that he completes his national development projects.

“What I like to see going forward are the augmentation of the salaries of Civil Servants, security sector, job creation and true harmonization of salaries to commensurate with the current economic standard.”

Liberia’s 5.4 million people are faced with a familiar options almost six years after the first back-to-back democratic transfer of power in 2017.

They will be choosing between incumbent President Weah and Boakai in the Nov. 14 Runoff Vote.

Weah, 57, and Baokai, 78, garnered the most support of the 20 candidates who contested the first round but neither secured a majority, results released by the National Elections Commission showed.

Weah secured 43.8% of the ballots cast and Boakai 43.4%, Lansanah said. About 79% of the 2.4 million registered voters cast their ballots, she said.

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