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Liberia’s Fixture: Looking Into Coach Keita’s Mind Over World Cup Qualifier Lineup & Changes

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As the much-anticipated match against Malawi gets closer, it’s worth exploring the potential substitutions and lineup adjustments that the national football team of Liberia may consider.

Coach Keita finds himself faced with a crucial decision regarding the right back position.

Mark Pabai is being evaluated as a possible starter, which would result in Joel Johnson, a strong competitor for the position, starting the game on the bench.

The reasoning behind this choice is that Joel’s skillset is not suited for a center-back or midfield role, which the upcoming game demands.

If Joel is chosen over Mark at right back, the tactical configuration of the defensive line will feature Jamal on the left, forming a solid foundation alongside center-backs Sampson Dweh and Mo Sangare, while Joel occupies the right back position.

However, this arrangement could lead to a slower start for Lone Star as Joel would need time to adjust to his teammates pace.

Therefore, it is believed that starting Mark as the right back and allowing Joel to come in later or start the following game would be the wiser choice.

The midfield presents several options for Coach Keita, with Devine Teah, Oscar Dorley, Nohan Kenneth, Brem, Marcus Macauley, and Saah Moses all displaying a growing level of cohesiveness.

In a preferred 4-3-3 formation, the starting lineup would feature Nohan as the defensive midfielder, with Oscar and Brem as the two box-to-box midfielders (BTBMs).

Yet, if Coach Keita opts for a 4-2-3-1 formation, Nohan and Brem would be the ideal choices as the double pivot, while Oscar Dorley assumes the number 10 role.

Devine Teah could be introduced in the second half, replacing Brem. In this scenario, Oscar would drop back into the double pivot position, and Devine would take on the number 10 role.

Marcus Macauley, an experienced player at 32 years old, is an important asset to the team.

Nonetheless, the coaching staff is acutely aware of the necessity to strategize for the future.

Marcus will inevitably need a successor within the next three years, emphasizing the critical importance of affording the younger generation more opportunities on the field and valuable experience to foster their growth.

The coach will carefully evaluate Albert Korvah and Tonia Tisdell to make an informed decision about the starting lineup.

Tisdell’s exceptional ball control, dynamic forward runs, and ability to create penetrating passes provide a strong case for him to secure a starting position over Korvah.

Although Korvah possesses physical strength, his recent outings with the senior national team have not showcased the same level of menace and authority when going up against opposing left-backs.

On the left side of the Liberian offensive plan, Mohammed Kamara has yet to exhibit the electrifying performance that fans desire.

He will need to find his rhythm, bring more tempo and forwardness to his game, and become more adept at creating opportunities and delivering killer passes.

The choice between a 4-4-2 formation and other setups will determine whether Kpah Sherman starts alongside William Jebor or waits on the bench.

Kpah’s true potential lies as a center striker, as he possesses excellent fighting spirit and goal-scoring abilities. Lone Star’s structure will be more balanced and compact in a 4-4-2 formation, with Kpah and Jebor leading the frontline.

The national team of Liberia is presently undergoing a deliberate process of revitalizing its playing style and tactical approach.

Although the immediate results may require patience, the careful selection of players and the team’s unwavering dedication to their chosen approach will be instrumental in attaining success.

In terms of the goalkeeper position, Ashley William, Boison, and Emmanuel are all under consideration.

Based on recent performances, Boison seems to be the most favorable option for the coach.

Boison’s impressive first-half display against Morocco has earned him the opportunity to continue in the starting lineup.

Ashley may have a chance to start against Equatorial Guinea, depending on Boison’s performance against Malawi.

The national team’s focus is currently centered around nurturing young players, providing them with opportunities, and fostering a solid sense of cohesion among the current group of talented individuals.

This strategic approach aims to yield better results for Liberia in the future.


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