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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

This Sounds Comical!

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By Wleh Bedell

The assertion made by Coach Cooper Sannah that henceforth, there should be 70% local based players and 30% foreign based players for the Lone Star sounds comical.

Without a more competitive local league and programs to drive our game forward, such assertion or recommendation cannot hold.

How can one say because the local based players will be motivated because they will be playing in front their parents and friends?

So, where are the foreign based players’ parents and friends? Are they not in Liberia also? Every player is called to defend the flag and not about who you are playing in front.

Besides, how does he really explain the statement that foreign based players called must be “exceptional”?

From such statement, it is clear that the need for a new technical staff for the Lone Star is now.

The FA must part ways with the current coaches of the Lone Star. If a foreign coach cannot be hired, the LFA must look within.

Coach Thomas Kojo should be the first on the list if a foreign coach cannot be selected due to various reasons.

A coach must be for all players, not because someone is coaching on the local scene so he will be pushing for local stars.

If our local lads can push their teams even to the second round of the CAF continental competitions, we can start talking of them regularly. The foreign based players must always flood the national team list when there is a match.

Huge respect to our local stars, but where the foreign based players plie their trades, their leagues are more competitive. You can’t compare those leagues with the local league. Our foreign based players must be respected.

People out of anger often question the leagues they play in. They are showcasing in leagues better than the LFA league, that’s an doubtful truth.

Finally, a new dawn in the appointment of a new coach for the Lone Star who will select his staff must come to the fore sooner rather than later as the team’s next World Cup qualifier is away to the Brave Warriors of Namibia on March 2024.

The local stars and their foreign based counterparts are all friends and are one, but by trying to make decisions that would raise eyebrows is comical and absurd.


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