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Politics or African Voodoos?

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Thomas Yayah Nimely senator elect Grand Gedeh County heard in an audio intimidating a lady to confess to witchcraft in the death of a lawmaker who died in foreign land.

In a recent Press conference, Senator Zoe Emmanuel Pennue of Grand Gedeh County accused his political opponents in the county of targeting him in the recent violence that left his homes burnt and vandalized in the county.

Senator Pennue in his press conference also said, his political opponents in Grand County have gang up against him out of envy and jealousy and are blaming a natural occurrence of the death of Representative Madison Gwion one of his colleagues, to witchcraft which they claimed he (Pennue) played a role.

In an audio obtained by FrontPageAfrica, Grand Gedeh County Senator Elect Thomas Yaya-Namely is   heard intimidating a lady who they say confessed to witchcraft and her role in the death of the lawmaker after taking Sassywood (form of trial by ordeal still in use in Liberia).

Senator elect Namely said: “In my own mind this woman is a witchcraft but didn’t do it alone. She is not a candidate wanting to get elected to Maddison office. This woman biological son works in the deceased office something is responsible for something.

“What we want do is encourage this woman and the man who supported to plan Sassywood to start talking. Once this lady took the Sassywood and it caught her, they will send her back. What I am asking you all to do is to be patient there is a bigger fish and it’s that bigger fish we are looking for.”

Madison Gwion, representative of Grand Gedeh’s first district, died weeks after he got re-elected after completing his first term that got him to the position in a by election as a result of a vacancy created by the election of Senator Zoe Pennue to the senate after two terms as Representative.

He died on Monday, December 4, 2023. As of not because of his death of the lawmaker is yet to be established.

He is believed to have died in Ghana. Like the deceased Representative, the 2023 elections witnessed the deadth of two other lawmakers who were seeking re-election.

Senator Daniel Naatahn of Gbapolu County and Representative Hans Barchue, of Grand Bassa County who was a former deputy Speaker also died before the October 10th elections.

Unlike the Grand Gedeh situation Theses deaths were treated as natural occurrences.

On the morning of Tuesday, December 5, 2023, a group of individuals described as “hooligans and bandits” rampaged through Zwedru City, Grand Gedeh County, as they set ablaze one of the two houses reportedly belonging to Senator Pennue on claims of his involving in the death of Representative-elect, Erol M. Gwion.

The protestors also vandalized and looted homes, including a house belonging to some traditional leaders in the county.

Senator Pennue and some traditional leaders are reportedly being blamed for Representative-elect, Erol M. Gwion’s death via traditional means.

It was reported that during the melee, market centers, shops, and stores, and other businesses including schools were closed due to the panic created by the perpetrators.


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