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Chambers Prefers Death to Kickback

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House Speakers Bhofal Chambers is willing to be put to death should it is established he received money from HPX or any company as bribe or token.

Dr. Chambers was responding to Deputy Speaker Fornati Koffa’s allegations that he collected a whopping amount of $500,000 United States dollars  from  American company High Power Exploration.

The two most powerful men in the House of Representatives are in a war of words after the former faults the latter of election tempering and manipulation, which put him at the losing end.

Chambers is currently before the Supreme Court pushing  to overturn the outcome of the Oct. 10, 2023 election that declared him looser.

Koffa claims against him are deliberate falsehood and that he Chambers should never exist as a living human being to accept bribe  but rather executed through a firing squad if he did, the Speaker said.

“I do not know even a staff of that company least we talk about senior management offering me US$500,000. These are just cheap allegations intended to create diversionary tactics from the real issue.”

He counter accused the Deputy Speaker who is also a practicing lawyer of conflict of interest rooted in his legal cover for companies including LSCR, Bea Mountain, Central Bank of Liberia, and some influential government’s agencies which he claims undermines the economic growth and development of the country.

When contacted Koffa responded “The speaker is traumatized. I’m focused on the speaker election which is 11 days from now.”



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