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Reduction of Waste (ROW) Champions Environmental Awareness and Action in King Gray Community

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By Moses Nuwon Buwee

In the wake of global attention on climate change following COP28, local initiatives are taking the lead in addressing environmental challenges.

Reduction of Waste (ROW), a non-profit youth-led organization committed to promoting climate justice, recently organized a significant awareness and training event on plastic pollution in the King Gray Community, the Roberts International Airport Highway.

The event, attended by over 50 passionate youths, women, and community leaders, aimed to enhance community capacity through education on environmental issues and promote proactive measures for waste management.

Ms. Nenwokay V. Mambia, the Assistant Program Officer, outlined the objectives, emphasizing the importance of environmental education, stewardship, and the transformation of waste into usable materials.

The highlight of the program was a beach cleaning initiative to eradicate plastic pollution, with the collected plastics destined for recycling into titles bricks.

Ms. Mambia clarified that ROW’s commitment extends beyond beach cleaning. The organization is actively involved in raising awareness about environmental hazards and marine species in the oceans.

Moreover, ROW has embarked on an ambitious project to plant one million trees along the coastal line, acting as a natural defense against erosion.

During the event, Ms. Gimah A. Sambollah, the Program Officer of ROW, encouraged participants to maintain the cleanliness of their community. Another facilitator, Ms. Sambollah, provided insights into the dangers of plastic pollution to marine life and the broader environment.

She stressed the importance of responsible waste management, noting that coastal areas play a crucial role in carbon dioxide absorption.

Ms. Sambollah took the opportunity to recommend to the national government the construction of public latrines for less fortunate citizens and designated dumpsites for proper waste disposal.

In response, Mr. Trokon Darlington, the Deputy Chair for King Gray Township, expressed gratitude for ROW’s engagement in the community.

He acknowledged the tangible impact of ROW’s beach cleaning initiative and the ongoing one million trees project, with 350 trees already planted along the coastal line.

“With ROW present in our community, our beaches are cleaner, and our people are becoming more environmentally conscious. The one million trees project is making a significant impact, and we hope ROW continues these projects to keep our community clean,” stated Mr. Darlington.

The event, graced by the presence of youth, women, elders, and community leaders, showcases the collaborative efforts in King Gray towards environmental sustainability.

ROW’s initiatives are fostering a sense of responsibility and action among community members, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

As ROW continues its projects, the community eagerly anticipates further positive changes in environmental consciousness and sustainable practices.


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