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Disabled CDC, Angry UP

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Liberia’s two main political parties – the Unity Party and the Congress for Democratic are sharing a self-contradictory status despite fortune in the country’s post war political landscape.

After six years at the helm of the West African nation’s political leadership, the CDC sits currently in opposition powerless and disabled.

Biting United States financial and visa sanctions imposed on more than half dozen influential members and associates of the former ruling Coalition for Democratic Change have seemingly left the party decapitated.

In the aftermath of the sanctions and the 2023 misfortune at the ballot box, the political organization that pride itself as a grass root movement lording over the mass of the people is now on an uncharacteristic rebranding path.

CDC will support peace and development while advocating for the fundamental rights of the Liberian people and promoting unity for the stability of the nation-state, Mulbah Morlu, National Chairman of the outgoing governing party said in a statement shared with the Oracle News Daily on December 28.

“We wish to reassure the people of Liberia and our development partners that while assuming this new role as the major opposition party espousing the views and aspirations of the macrocosm of the country’s electoral and political demography, the mighty Coalition for Democratic Change will not be an obstructionist movement, but a nonviolent political construct that remains entwined to its cherished trademark of speaking truth to power.

“As a constructive opposition political party, while supporting Liberia’s peace & development under President-Elect Boakai, we will also remain objectively critical of government’s performance for the common good.

Frustrated UP

Have you ever seen someone win a billion dollar lotto and gets immediately angry? Yes, it can. Liberia’s new governing Unity Party looks confused, jittery and angry.

Two days into its administration infighting has overtaken the party for various reasons, stalling the process of government formulation.

There are strong impression amongst people in the higher echelon of the party that President Boakai has lost listening ears in the opening hours of the administration.

The party feels overlooked in the decision making process with respect to assembling the team of individuals who will drive the agenda of our party as promised the Liberian people, one insider with significant influence told the Oracle News Daily on condition of anonymity.

Making public statement the source said would most likely present an outlook of disunity that could stall efforts to get bona fide party members in strategic public offices.

There are growing fear amongst partisans and supporters that the President may favor outsiders, confidants and friends to them and could just be left stranded in the “struggle.”

The internal bickering is impacting the pace of appointment to the extent that fake news has hijacked the announcement role. In the afternoon of Tuesday, a list appeared, suggesting five new nominees.

The list has no official features like letter head and signature. Since there is no known public information officer in the office of the public, some party members took on the role to tag the syndicated information as fake.

Growing Disenchantment in Nimba and signs of early corruption.

Just two days into the Unity Party regime under Joseph Nyumah Boakai and Jeremiah Kpahn Koung, there are public outcry in Nimba County over the mishandling of finances intended for the entertainment of supporters on inauguration day.

On Tuesday many citizens especially residents of District # 1, Ganta,  expressed frustration over the failure of the party local chapter to execute proper plan that would have made them feel part of the inaugural ceremony.

Voicing their frustration on various local radio stations

Some of the callers alleged that they did not benefit from the distribution of food on inauguration day as promised.

According to information, Nimba County Unity Party Chapter received the amount of $45,000 to be distributed across the nine electoral districts for preparation of food, drinks and water for citizens who were to gather in a particular location to watch the inauguration ceremony.

Some of the UP districts coordinators admitted  receiving $ 4.000 as their share for preparation in their districts while some are still tip-lip to disclose to their district how much was received.

When contacted, District # 1 UP coordinator Moses Geakarn, admitted to receiving funding. He  said  the money was used to purchase food that was distributed among 35 communities in Ganta.

When further asked as to how many bags were distributed, Geakarn mentioned that some communities received one bag while others received two bags. Community dwellers say they did not see anyone distributing rice.

When Voice of Nimba contacted the local party official for further clarity, Geakarn requested to respond in 10 minutes.  After the 10 minutes, he requested for another five minutes and later could not pick up his calls.

Responding to inquires via mobile phone from Monrovia about the disbursement of the money, UP Nimba County Chairman Nelson D. Bearngar admitted  receiving  $ 45000 United Staes dollars.

He explained  $9,000 was deducted by the county eldership for administrative use leaving the rest of the nine electoral districts with $36,000.

Mr. Bearngar disclosed that the nine thousand deduction was discussed with the party National Chairman Luther  Tarpeh.


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