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Boakai Looks to China

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The President of the Republic of Liberia H.E. Joseph Nyuma Boakai has reaffirmed Liberia’s stance and commitment to the One China Policy, which is the People’s Republic of China foreign policy position in dealing with other nations.

There is a growing concern in some quarters about the state of the country’s relationship with China due to the previous government’s posture towards China.

Addressing the media on Monday hours before delivering his Annual Message, President Boakai reemphasized his commitment to the One China Policy and that his government will work to ensure that the country’s relationship will be strengthened.

The President described China as a strategic ally and reliable partner that has demonstrated excellent partnership with Liberia, providing substantial support in many spheres of the country’s development program.

“We are committed to the One China Policy, and we have assured the Chinese about our commitment and this, we do not intend to change,” the President told reporter.

He said the People’s Republic of China has done a lot for Liberia’s development agenda mainly in infrastructure as well as building the educational capacity for young Liberians.

President Xi Jinping appointed the Vice Chairperson of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference  as his Special Envoy to attend the inauguration of President Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

During their courtesy call, President Boakai remphasized that he was the President of the Senate when the One China Policy was codified as Liberian law and he intends to uphold and respect the law.

The President also acknowledges the over 800 million people lifted out of poverty in China, indicating China’s efforts at fulfilling their rights. Liberia hopes to learn from this experience as we rescue Liberians from poverty.

Since the end of the civil conflict and restoration of democratic governance, China has made notable contributions, and stands as a strong pillar of the country’s infrastructural transformation, committing resources to many significant projects.

It can be recalled that China funded the construction of two additional annexes of the Capitol Building, the famous Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex, while also making interventions of the health sector and other areas. Due to a poor relationship with the previous administration,  many projects were halted or put on temporary hold.


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