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Da Their Time to Eat Too

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By John H. T. Stewart

Monrovia, February 2, 2024

President Weah on the eve of his departure from office declared he was leaving US$40 in the bank.

This amount represents what in accounting terms means that he was leaving behind assets worth US$40m.

What President Weah did not say was how much liabilities he was leaving behind. So if the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), for example, shows from its balance sheets that the Central Bank owes commercial banks US$20m, it means that the government actually has or owns US$20

So the CBL needs to come clean. To recall President Weah always boasted the payment of WASSCE examination fees for students.

But the regional organization has openly declared that the Liberian government owes US$5m in examination fees.

As a consequence, according to the West African Examination Council(WAEC) Liberian students will be barred from sitting the exams.

In essence the Weah Government had been lying all the while and deceiving the public into believing the falsehoods about payment of WASSCE fees that former Finance Minister the roguish Samuel Tweah had been peddling to the public.

So in essence, the CBL Governor may not be telling the truth about the country”s true Financial situation.

The best way to establish the fact is to conduct an audit President Boakai in his campaign speeches committed to the audit of the Weah Government.

But a firm demonstration of that commitnent now appears to be in limbo as opposition to the conduct of audits is being resisted allegedly even by officials of the ruling alliance which includes officials of the UP as well.

Exoectations are very high and this Government should remain ever mindful of the public scorn and rejection that awaits should it fail to come clean on its declared intent to audit the Weah Government.

By the way where is Auditor John Morlu and what is his role in the current Scheme of things? I would wager though that given information at my disposal, John Morlu may find himself effectively sidelined.

And the reason why is because the New Comers, some not actually New, are all waiting anxiously to “EAT”.

Former Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor once declared before a gathering of Chiefs from Bong County shortly after her election , “da our time to EAT,”

And from what things appear the new officials also seem to be adopting the same mantra “da our time to EAT”

After all said and done, Ellen ate hers, remember the famous “I take responsibility” response she gave to reporters when questioned about the theft of US$80m from NOCAL allegedly by her son Robert. Nothing happened no audit.

George Weah also, allegedly ate his . Boakai says he will audit but is yet to begin. Some of his top officials are allegedly stoutly opposed to it. Obviously they also feel that this is their time to EAT. And nothing will stop them, come Hell or High Water.

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