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Liberia: Congress for Democratic Change Rallying Opposition Forces to Plot 2029 Comeback

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Liberia main opposition Congress for Democratic Change has commenced conversation regarding a reinforced coalition that will challenge the governing Unity Party for the presidency in 2029.

New alliances will be built to make the party formidable going forward, CDC National Chairman Mulbah Morlu said. A retreat session has been planned for this April and to layout the blue print for an expanded coalition,

“Amid Liberia’s annoying Boakai problem, and the different analysis of the challenges that led to his cold-hearted presidency, as a party – it is time to rise above blame-shifting, by coming back together quickly, strengthening and expanding existing alliances, and rising to the occasion to hold the regime accountable.

“Simultaneously, we can achieve this feat while rebuilding the mighty Coalition for Democratic Change and its collaborating institutions as Liberia’s ark of redemption.

“As we begin internal discussions with member parties aimed at reactivating the Coalition for Democratic Change’s framework agreement, the CDC takes this opportunity to thank all member parties, partisans, supporters and sympathizers for the unwavering support, dedication, and commitment to our revolutionary ideals, political doctrine, and grassroots principles. “

Full statement



Fellow partisans,

On behalf of the Standard-bearer, H.E. (former) President George M. Weah and the National Executive Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change, I extend profound appreciation to all of our people for being courageous in the face of adversity, especially as we begin to painfully witness the virtues of good leadership (once upheld by the CDC-led government) trampled underfoot by the initial greed, misjudgments and betrayal of trust of the already failing Boakai regime.

Even though it’s still too early to draw final conclusions, but the adage ‘You will know from the eve, if your Christmas will be good’, serves notice to patriotic Liberians to forge unity around the CDC as the most viable grassroots democratic instrument of REDEMPTION.

In the face of his shameful, embarrassing and dehumanizing treatment meted out against his own people—unity party leaders, militants and foot soldiers who are sadly treated like ‘Plantation workers’ that labored only to supply the table of distant masters—Mr. Boakai’s insensitivity towards the needs of ordinary people and his easy compromise of the truth, risks sliding Liberia down a rapid moral and structural slippery slope.

Subsequently, our country is now faced with a new level of fear and anxiety that leaves many doubting what tomorrow brings.

Amid Liberia’s annoying Boakai problem, and the different analysis of the challenges that led to his cold-hearted presidency, as a party – it is time to rise above blame-shifting, by coming back together quickly, strengthening and expanding existing alliances, and rising to the occasion to hold the regime accountable.

Simultaneously, we can achieve this feat while rebuilding the mighty Coalition for Democratic Change and its collaborating institutions as LIBERIA’S ARK OF REDEMPTION.

As we begin internal discussions with member parties aimed at reactivating the Coalition for Democratic Change’s framework agreement, the CDC takes this opportunity to thank all member parties, partisans, supporters and sympathizers for the unwavering support, dedication, and commitment to our revolutionary ideals, political doctrine, and grassroots principles.

Upholding these cherished democratic values even in the face of unfolding challenges, CDCians are encouraged to continue to preserve the badge of discipline and honor, building the courage to confront the brutal facts of initial bad governance with optimism.

The truth cannot be denied that the CDC, when kept focused and fully united, remains the most significant democratic grassroots political instrument of change in Liberia.

And while we celebrate achieved victories of both past and present, we are nonetheless cognizant of the deep challenges ahead of us, and in this regard have engaged in broad-based consultations from all levels of our party.

Henceforth, we are pleased to announce that our party, the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) will hold a CDC COMEBACK Retreat, scheduled to commence from April 24th to 29th, 2024, in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County; under the theme-


This retreat will elevate an essential institutional platform to move forward in Unity, Strength and Renewed Momentum.

Additionally, it will also provide the space for constructive dialogue that resolves internal differences, and to promote unity and solidarity within our ranks.

Fellow partisans, our crucial governing challenges as a country make it imperative that we stand together as a cohesive force, united by a common purpose and vision for a better nation for all.

Furthermore, this ‘CDC COMEBACK Retreat 2024’ will provide us with an opportunity to develop strategies that will serve as our roadmap towards the year 2029, which is already being widely considered as The CDC COMEBACK year!

As the National Chairman of our Revolutionary Party, I want to emphasize that this retreat will not be a one-way street, but a people-driven platform that will value your input, suggestions, and ideas. We recognize that the strength of our party lies in the diversity of perspectives and experiences within our ranks.

Therefore, I encourage each and every CDCian to actively but constructively contribute to these pending discussions and deliberations that will shape our future.

In addition to developing strategies, we will also seek your valuable insights in formulating national policy responses that resonate with the aspirations and needs of the Liberian people.

By engaging in open and constructive dialogue, we can strengthen our party’s position and ensure that our actions are rooted in the interests of all citizens.

I am confident that this retreat will not only strengthen our party but also invigorate the collective spirit and determination of our Blue Revolution.

Together, we can overcome any obstacle and forge a path towards a brighter, more inclusive, and prosperous future for our nation.

Subsequently, my office in consultation with the CDC National Executive Committee, has constituted various committees that will shoulder the responsibility of taking us to the retreat; and I hereby ask each and every one of you to work with these committees in order to have a successfully retreat.

Once again, I extend my warmest gratitude to you at home and abroad for defending and holding steady the battle lines of the party.

In the coming months and years, there will certainly be attempts by unscrupulous elements of this failing government to engage in a multipronged and multi-actor effort to actively hinder the unstoppable rise of the CDC. They will try, but will never succeed; so fear not.

While our primary mission maintains a guided focus of reasserting the mighty CDC’s national political dominance, be assured that not many understand opposition politics like we do.

To the glory of God, backed by partisans’ support, we led and survived here during previous opposition years: hence we are familiar with the actors and know how to contain and hold them accountable when wrongs are committed.

As we look ahead, it is crucial that we analyze the political landscape, adapt to changing dynamics, and identify the most effective approaches to achieve our goals.

By harnessing the collective wisdom and expertise of all partisans, and ensuring that our party remains at the forefront of positivity, we will most assuredly prevail.

And as we prepare for this very important season of institutional renewal, may the period bring us together, reinforcing the bonds that unite us as partisans of the Mighty Coalition for Democratic Change-CDC.

With utmost gratitude and anticipation for a more vibrant and robust CDC, we remain STRONGER TOGETHER!

Thanks once again.

God bless the CDC.


Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr.


-CDC COMEBACK Retreat 2024 Organizing & Sub Committees—


  1. steering committee
  2. Steering Committee Chairperson,                        Hon. Thomas P. Fallah
  4. RETREAT COORDINATOR, Hon. Acarous M. Gray
  5. Operations, Mr. Joseph Tye Williams
  6. Finance, Hon. Augustine Monobala
  7. Planing & Strategy, Hon. L. Eugene Nagbe
  8. Legal Affairs, Hon. Saifuah Mai Gray
  9. Foreign Affairs, Fred Gwyan
  10. Political Engagement, Hon. Whilemena Saydee-Tarr
  11. Secretary General, Hon. Malias Z. Sheriff
  12. Logistics, Mr. Sidiki H. Fofana
  13. Interfaith, Festus R.B. Logan
  14. Budget & Appropriation, Jesse Koboi
  15. Program Planning, Lewis A. Wright
  16. Public Information & Mass Media, Anderson S. Chea
  17. Spokesman, Isaac Doe
  18. Inter-Party Affairs, Andrew Peters
  19. Information Technology, Daoda S. Carlon


  2. Archievego M. Doe, Deputy Secretary/Adm
  3. Jefferson Chesson, Deputy Secretary/Records
  4. Eric Pervis, Asst. Secretary/Records & Research
  5. Kezelee Vanyanbah, Member
  6. Mohammed Bamba, Member
  7. Matthew Fannoyon, Member
  8. Jemaiman Dossen, Member
  9. Ivor Moore, Member
  10. Bacchus Manipakei Carr, Member
  11. Harriett Shennon, Member
  12. Michael Francis Tarr, Member
  13. Eddie S. Baryon, Member
  14. Charles Morris, Member
  15. John Nyan, Member


  1. Program Committee
  2. Emmanuel TT Swen, Chairman
  3. Edris Bility, Co-Chair
  4. Esiaka Sheriff, Secretary
  5. Jusurf Bility, Member
  6. Eriah Gbah, Member
  7. Onnis Wudueh, Member
  8. Charles Morris, Member
  9. Sylvester Rennie, Member
  10. Kolu T. Sumo, Member
  11. Heylove Mark, Member
  12. Dianon Kollie, Member
  13. Transco Dutor, Member
  14. Mohammed Jalloh, Member


  1. Planning & Strategy
  2. Alexander Saylee, Chairman
  3. Hassan Newland, Co-Chair
  4. Abdul Kromah, Secretary
  5. Horatias A. Richards-Siaffa, Member
  6. Clearance Wilson, Member
  7. Richelieu Urey, Member
  8. Earl Enders, Member
  9. Benedict Kolubah, Member
  10. Morleeta Mends-Cole Chea, Member
  11. Musu Momolu Isodje, Member
  12. Peter Bemah, Member
  13. Patrick Guah, Member
  14. Brooks S. Botoe, Member
  15. Salia O. Kamara
  16. Patrick Guah, Member
  17. Victor Santo Diggs, Member


  1. Media & Communication
  2. Kwame O. Weeks,  Chairman
  3. James Crayton, Co-Chair
  4. David Kolleh, Secretary
  5. Mamensie Kabba, Member
  6. Keff Hassan, Member
  7. Gaizohn A. Davies, Member
  8. Togar Alexander Bealded, Member
  9. Diana Tweah, Member
  10. Ojuku Gbozuah, Member
  11. Mohammed Salue Sy, Member
  12. Robert Griffiths, Member
  13. Opee O. Johnson, Member
  14. Raymond Roberts, Member
  15. Emmett P Chea, Member
  16. Alex D. Roberts, Member


  1. Ways, Means & Finance
  2. Abu Kamara, Chairman
  3. Morris T. Mend, Co-Chair
  4. Naileh Daitouh, Secretary
  5. Esther walker, Member
  6. Fatu Swaray,  Member
  7. Maria Eva Doerner, Member
  8. Cherah Doe, Member
  9. Catherine Henry, Member
  10. Philomena Collins, Member
  11. Dekay Rokiatu Kaba, Member
  12. Benetta Brown, Member
  13. Assana Kehyee, Member
  14. Fatumata N Bah, Member
  15. Mildred Toteh, Member
  16. Fatu Doryen, Member
  17. Patience Theo, Member
  18. Mickee Matus Gosoe, Member
  19. Anthony Twah, Member


  1. Legal Advisement
  2. Standly Kparkillen, Chairman
  3. Attny. Samora PZ Wokolo, Co-Chair
  4. Attny Kanio Bai Gbala, Secretary
  5. Cllr. Phil Dixon, Dep/Secretary, Research
  6. Attny. Janga A. Kowo, ex officio Member
  7. Atty.  Daniel C Gayedyu, Jr, Member
  8. Prof. Johnson Gwaikolo, Member
  9. Cllr. Thompson Jargba, Member
  10. Cllr. C. Alexander Zoe, Member
  11. Attny Henry K. Wokolo, Member
  12. Prof. Isaac Zawolo, Member
  13. Attny. Edwin N. Dennis, Member


  1. Reconciliation
  2. Chief Cyril A. Allen, Chairman
  3. Sen. Gbezhnogar Findley, Co-Chair
  4. Israel Akinsayeh, Secretary
  5. Hon. Topple E. Doe, Member
  6. Mark Keshan, Member
  7. Prof. Duanna Kamara, Member
  8. C Mike Doyen, Ex Officio Member
  9. Rev. Victor S. N. Saylee, Member
  10. Sen. Saah H. Joseph, Member
  11. Aaron Kollie, Member
  12. Ernest J. Clarke, Member
  13. Joseph Todd, Member
  14. Bennie Tickey, Member
  15. Rev. Festus Logan, Ex Officio Member
  16. Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh, Member
  17. Alfred Gibson, Member
  18. Issac Roberts, Member
  19. Jeremiah Sokan, Member
  20. Rosetta Bowah, Member


  1. Advisory Committee
  2. Sen. Albert Chie, Chairman
  3. Prof. Wilson Tarpeh, Co-Chair
  4. Cllr. Charles Gibson, Secretary
  5. J. Fonati Koffa (Speaker), Ex Officio Member
  6. Dr.
  7. Sen. J. Gbleh-Bo Brown, Member
  8. Sen. Crayton O. Duncan, Member
  9. Tapoe Doe, Member
  10. Sen. Augustine Chea, Member
  11. Sen. Peter Coleman, Member
  12. Numene T. H. Bartekwa, Member
  13. Hon Jonathan A. Mason, Member
  14. Prof. Boka Wreh, Co-Chairman
  15. Cllr. Thompson Jargba, Member
  16. Sen. Joseph K. Jallah, Member
  17. Hon. Solomon George, Member
  18. Sen. Marshall Dennis, Member
  19. Getrude W. Martin, Member


  1. Budget & Appropriation
  2. Sendolo Jacobson, Chairman
  3. Sampson Dee, Co-Chair
  4. Desmond Waka Doe, Secretary
  5. Saylee Suworgo, Member
  6. Maxwell Powson, Member
  7. Godfrey Bulue, Member
  8. Darius Kollie, Member
  9. Varmah Bobby Gray, Member
  10. Ebenezer Wisseh, Member
  11. Rosetta L. Gbassay, Member
  12. Hilary Koffa, Member
  13. Christian Woart, Member
  14. Chelleh B. Mitchell, Member


  1. Entertainment
  2. Onesimus w. Barchue, Chairman
  3. ⁠Comfort Lloyd, Co-Chaor
  4. ⁠Quincy Belewah, Secretary
  5. ⁠Atrance tito Fakolly, Member
  6. ⁠Angle Morris, Member
  7. ⁠Georgio Queah, Member
  8. ⁠Momo Fortune jr, Member
  9. ⁠Martin Harris, Member
  10. ⁠Duke Fahnborde, Member
  11. ⁠Trokon Sefus, Member
  12. Peaches Bendu Forkpah, Member
  13. Janet Mulbah, Member
  14. Worzee G. Flomo, Member
  15. Mamadee Sheriff, Member


  1. Protocol
  2. Amb. Charles Wiles, Chairman
  3. Aimar Brooks, Co-Chair
  4. Cyrus Kamara, Secretary
  5. Rosetta Nyanti, Member
  6. Sonie Koryon, Member
  7. Oumu Saa, Member
  8. Dekay Kaba, Member
  9. Augustine S. Welleh, Member
  10. Binta Barry, Member
  11. Rufus F McCarthy
  12. Harriet Harris, Member
  13. Munah Tarpeh, Member
  14. Don Tudee Vamunya, Member
  15. Varmuyan MF Fofana, Member


  1. Delegates Accreditation
  2. Musa Konneh, Chairman
  3. G. Baccus Karpeh, Co-Chair
  4. Abdul D. Kanneh, Secretary
  5. Anthony K. Torbor, Member
  6. Cassius Collins, Member
  7. Julia phobo, Member
  8. Daniel Z. Dwanan, Member
  9. Joelinda Mulleburg, Member
  10. Harriet Kengeemah
  11. Abraham Ballah, Member
  12. Paul Whela, Member
  13. Prince Blojay, Member
  14. Aruna Sylvester Sanoe, Member
  15. Peggy state, Member
  16. Diamond McGill, Member


  1. Rules & Order
  2. Hassan Newland, Chairman
  3. Albert Quenah, Co-Chair
  4. Clearance Wilson, Secretary
  5. Mayango Jallah, Member
  6. Richard Holder,Member
  7. Alpha G. Gray, Member
  8. Oratus D. Klah, Member
  9. Boimah AD Sawyer, Member
  10. Anthony Damina, Member
  11. Charlotte Jackley, Member
  12. Charles Morris, Member
  13. Tayer Millimou, Member
  14. Jackson K. Miller, Member
  15. Martin Sakorma King
  16. Zainab Kiazolu, Member
  17. Bendu Sheriff, Member
  18. Moses Kolnagbayan, Member


  1. Accommodation
  2. Janjay Baikpeh, Chairman
  3. Nora Wreh, Co-Chair
  4. Sylvester A. Kanneh, Secretary
  5. Richard Singbeh, Member
  6. Precious Johnson, Member
  7. Mohammed L. Cisse, Member
  8. Augustine Welleh, Member
  9. Ivan Stevens Fayiah, Member
  10. Israel Tamba, Member
  11. Marjay Marsh, Member
  12. Henry P Kpadeh, Member
  13. Alfred Gonlepa, Member


  1. Hospitality
  2. Yvette Freeman, Chairperson
  3. Kotati Karnga, Co-Chairperson
  4. Pulwoo wesseh, Secretary
  5. Famatta Wisseh, Member
  6. Jarso Vivian Bhatti, Member
  7. Princess Turkolon, Member
  8. Pinky Crayton, Member
  9. Alice D Nelson, Member
  10. Binta Barry, Member
  11. Alvin Jones, Member
  12. Williet G Kollie, Member
  13. Harriet Harris, Member
  14. Munah Tarpeh, Member
  15. Alvin Jones, Member
  16. J Larry Tarlue, Member
  17. Danise Rose Konneh, Member
  18. Armstrong Gbartoedor, Member


  1. Logistics
  2. Ronald Mendscole, Chairman
  3. Abubakar Bah, Co-Chair
  4. Kenneth Martu, Secretary
  5. David B. Saylae, Member
  6. Magnus Nian, Member
  7. Bedell Fahn, Member
  8. Yanmah Browne, Member
  9. Augustine Tamba, Member
  10. Melvin Brown, Member
  11. Emmanuel M. Cole, Member
  12. Amadou Kallon, Member
  13. Gabriel Williams, Member
  14. Maxwell Kabbiah, Member
  15. Emmanuel Johnson, Member
  16. Pincky Crayton, Member
  17. Roxie Noah Padmore, Member


  1. Foreign Affairs
  2. Marie Scott Wilson, Chairperson
  3. Suzanna Gbangaye, Co-Chair
  4. Roland King, Secretary
  5. Manneh George, Member
  6. Michael Gilman, Member
  7. Constance Gbeliya Swen-Duopu, Ex Officio Member
  8. Michael A. Massaquoi, Ex Officio Member
  9. Musu Thomas, Ex Officio Member
  10. Sampson Bloh Monger, Member
  11. Prince Sheriff, Member
  12. Mansfield Duopu, Member
  13. Gbolu Aisha Howard, Member
  14. Rossevelt R. Johnson, Member
  15. Abrahim Tucker, Member
  16. Melvin Payga, Member
  17. Dorothy Dazie, Member
  18. Cyrus Momo Sambolai, Member
  19. Emmanuel Somah, Member
  20. Kebbeh Jallah Arku, Member
  21. Charles Krogee, Member
  22. Bobby Benito, Member
  23. Lydia Doumbia, Member


  2. J. Allison Barco, Chairman
  3. Henry Johnson, Co-Chairman
  4. Daniel Nuxe Thomas, Secretary
  5. Magnus Nian, Member
  6. Morris K. Saryon, Member
  7. Jestino Sharty Gaye, Member
  8. Joseph Duo, Member
  9. Smarth Johnson, Member
  10. David Dukuly, Member
  11. Mary Johnson, Member
  12. Waifa ciafa, Member
  13. Thomas G. Goba, Member
  14. Jusu Donnah, Member
  15. Saye miller, Member


  2. Fatu Swaray, Chairperson
  3. Antoinette Mulbah, Co-Chair
  4. Patience Theo, Secretary
  5. Catherine Henry, Member
  6. Linda Johnson, Member
  7. Nathaniel Williams
  8. Odell T Kolloh, Member
  9. Nancy Firstlady Kwiyarhe, Member
  10. Bernice Kilby, Member
  11. Hellena B  Kaba, Member
  12. Philimena Jeppoe-Collins, Member
  13. Christiana T Won, Member                                          Albert D.M. Morris, Member

Christian Helb, Member

  1. Randy W. Doe, Member
  2. Roberta Collins Toogbabu, Member
  3. Lassana Harrison Paul, Member


  2. Alvin Wisseh
  3. Sekou Korleh
  4. Joy Chichi Onos
  5. Abdul Kanneh


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