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Liberia: Gbandi Chiefs Honor Boakai

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People from the Gbandi Land in Lofa County have paid tribute to President Joseph Nyuma Boakai for his manifold contributions to humanity and society.

Honoring of the Liberian Leader came not as a surprise as it sheds light on how far he has come in his humble and philanthropic, honest and accountable life as well as commitment to his nation, community and people, a statement distributed by the Executive mansion said.

The Gbandi Chiefdom comprising of different ethnic groups of Lofa recounted the President’s rooted connection to them, coupled with the selfless and charismatic interventions and impacts he has made to them over the years.

As part of the colorful occasion, the citizens gowned the President, presented him a cow and also gowned his wife, the First Lady Mrs. Kartuma Boakai.

In response to the gesture from the people of the Gbandiland, the President thanked them for the support rendered him over the years, and for being resolute in their commitment to him and their community.

“Over the years, you’ve shown commitment to me, though there have been lot of politics played in the county, you remained resolute,” President Boakai said in reference to the support he got during the just-ended election.

President Boakai historized Lofa’s significant uniqueness of being a progenitor of traditional country gown when people trooped to Kolahun to get one, how the famous Unification Monument in Voinjama is a symbol of unity and how eight of the country’s sixteen tribes were in Lofa and worked together as one people.

The President also recalled that Lofa was referred to as the breadbasket of the country because of its production of cocoa, rice and coffee, in spite of the lack of roads, describing it as a commitment to hard work, honesty and ensuring that their children are educated.

President Boakai renewed his commitment to changing the landscape of the country and building a wholesome functioning society where everyone embraces each other regardless of the county one represents.

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