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Liberia: Importer Faces $65,464 Tax Fraud Penalties

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The Customs Department of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has intercepted and impounded three 40-foot containers, revealing a significant case of falsely declared goods aimed at defrauding the Liberian Government of substantial revenue.

The containers, registered to the business entity Bumu International Liberia, were initially declared to contain PVC pipes, diesel generators, stainless steel, and related items.

However, based on Customs risk profiling and intelligence techniques, the consignment was isolated and moved for physical inspection on February 5 by Customs officials. They were found to be loaded with over 235,700 cans of mango juice, a stark contrast to the declared contents.

As a result of this fraudulent declaration, Bumu International grossly underpaid import taxes, remitting only US$10,974.40 instead of the accurate sum which exceeds US$32,000 – accounting for the imported mango juice.

Following a thorough investigation and comprehensive assessment of the containers, Bumu International is now obligated to pay US$65,464.93 to the government, inclusive of the initial amount paid during the false declaration. This revised amount encompasses penalties and fines in accordance with the revenue code of Liberia.

The diligent efforts of the Customs Department, utilizing advanced Customs risk profiling and intelligence techniques, were instrumental in uncovering this deceitful act and fraud trend.

The LRA Customs Department reaffirms its unwavering dedication to ensuring tax compliance in international trade activities.

Assistant Customs Commissioner for Compliance and Enforcement, Atty. D. Blamo Kofa, underscores the department’s commitment to collecting all due taxes while protecting the borders and interests of the Liberian people.


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