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Rightful Policy Needed to Reform Country’s Economy -As Liberia Chambers of Commerce Inducts New Leadership

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Mr. O. Natty B. Davis, the Liberia Chamber of Commerce new president says, if the private sector must play its part to be the engine of the economic growth for employment, the Liberia Chamber of Commerce must support the government to take the right policy responses.

According to him, the right policy responses will help facilitate policy dialogue between the public and private sectors through the formulation of research studies, policy analysis and advocacy noting that the chamber of commerce will offer policy formulation to resolve challenges facing Liberia.

“Mr. Minister and members of the government invited guest and members of our chamber family; the chamber has taken the necessary measures to take the right policy response, Mr. Davis said”

Mr. Davis also committed to include in its flagship initiative among many; the finalization of a functioning alternative dispute resolution environment through a credible national arbitration system, enhancing trade facilitation through final ratification of the Africa continental free trade agreement and its relevant implementation protocol, regulations guideline and procedure.

He also committed that the Chamber of commerce will work to improve the relationship between the private sector and government entities, namely; Justice, Labour and commerce ministries, the Liberia Revenue Authority, Immigration and Police.

“As your President, my commitment is to lead with integrity, transparency, and inclusiveness. I will strive to ensure that the chamber remains a dynamic and responsive institution, attuned to the needs and aspirations of all members.”

The completion of a fully functioning standards authority including adequate budgetary appropriations, expanding and diversifying the revenue base of the Chamber and building the capacity of the secretariat, and through the chamber regular public/private business dialogue meetings with the government that will ensure that

 The Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC) on Friday, February 9 installed its newly elected officials in the James E. Pierre Hall of the Grand Masonic Temple located on Benson Street in Monrovia.

 These officials will steer the affairs of the organization for the next two years. The installation was a result of an election held on December 5, 2023. The LCC conducted its most recent elections where the following persons emerged as winners:

Mr. O. Natty B. Davis, President, Mr. Ahmed Wazni 1st Vice President, Mrs. Jefyne Togah, 2nd Vice President, Mr. Nathaniel E. Kevin, Treasurer and Atty. Oliver N Rogers, Auditor.

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