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Liberia: Bong Lawmaker’s Prostitution Bill Rejected

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By  Zac T. Sherman

Bong County Representative Moima Briggs-Mensah advocacy on legalizing prostitution in Liberia faces resistance and criticism with Labor Minister-designate taking a no position.

Cllr. Cooper Kruah told senators legitimizing prostitution is out of Liberia’s traditional and Cultural values.

Liberia was built on a religious principle that does not support prostitution he said.

“I think prostitution is one thing that we should discourage as it doesn’t reflect well on us as Liberians.

“I do not believe our Bible supports anything like prostitution in the country. Legalizing prostitution will be an unpopular undertaking that will meet public resistance if the legislature ventures into it.”

Recently, Representative Briggs-Mensah who chairs  the House’s Committee  on Gender, Social Protection and Welfare and the Women Legislative Caucus introduced the prostitution bill.

She  said when enacted the proposed legislation  will serve prevent men from molesting and raping young women and girls in Liberia.

Sex in exchange for money is prostitution, and this act is prohibited by law in Liberia. In several towns around Liberia, including Monrovia, the action is publicly seen on street corners at night.

Drug intake is often common amongst girls in prostitution. In fact, it is widely agreed upon that the drugs they take cause some mental disorders; they get addicted and see the act as a normal way of life. Often times, young girls are influenced by their peers; and when they get a taste of it, they disobey their parents and take to the street.


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