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Liberian President Demands Performance Bond Warning Ministers: Deliver or Get Fired

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By Festus Poquie

President Joseph Boakai will dismiss cabinet ministers and other heads of public agencies who fail to perform and embezzle state resources.

Boakai Thursday launched the administration Performance Management Compliance System to rate and track officials’ output. Citizens’ feedback mechanism was also activated.

The System will help improve performance and encourage an open, transparent and accountable government, the President said when he commissioned the first set of cabinet ministers and other top civil servants at the Executive Mansion in Monrovia.

Integral to this is the requirement that every cabinet minister and head of agency signs a performance contract as a way of not only ensuring that deliverables are met but also enhancing efficiency within the government, he added.

“We will be monitoring your performance against the targets you will set and hold you accountable. We expect nothing less than the ministers, heads of agencies, and advisors to execute the mandate of their respective offices and perform their duties efficiently and selflessly for the public good.

“The cabinet as the highest decision-making body of the government must perform at the highest level, delivering on the government’s priorities to achieve the developmental agenda we have set for the next six years.

“We will expect ministers and heads of agencies to demonstrate their capabilities and competencies in achieving our goals, including the execution of immediate interventions in the 100-day deliverable plan.

“I am mandating all officials of government to immediately declare their assets to comply with anti-graft regulations as required, and more importantly, ensure the promotion of integrity in public service. Let it be known that we will not tolerate corruption and pilferage from the people’s coffers, as those found to be in breach of our anti-graft laws will give account and pay the price. As they say, a hint to the wise is enough.”

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