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Friday, July 19, 2024

Liberia: Excluding Sapo Tribe Shameful: Gongloe

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Human rights lawyer, Counselor Tiawon Gongloe, has criticized the Central Bank of Liberia for excluding the Sapo tribe from the list of recognized tribes in the country.

Gongloe describes this exclusion as a national embarrassment and shameful. He notes that being excluded from a group one identifies with can lead to tribal conflict in society.

Gongloe expresses surprise at the government’s defense of this act and expected them to view it as an oversight that would be corrected.

“How can Sapo people be here in the shadows, they are just living here but not even recognized, it is very wrong,” he said.

The lawyer who contested the 2023 presidential elections  made these remarks during a meeting with prominent members of the Sapo community, who visited his law office in Monrovia to express appreciation for his support in their legal case.

Gongloe said  there are no statutes that create tribes in Liberia, therefore excluding any group of people on the basis of their tribe violates the country’s principles of equality.

He calls on the government to address this issue to ensure unity and inclusivity among all Liberians. The case is currently before the Supreme Court of Liberia, awaiting final arguments and a ruling.



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