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Liberia: Then….Repeal Acts Creating Tenure Position

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It seems former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai were not on the same page with the creation of tenure positions which significantly limited presidential powers and preferences as contained in Article 54a of the 1986 Constitution.

Though the Vice President at the time presided and represented the Executive Branch of Government and greatly influenced its passage, the current quagmire and controversies can only speak to two thoughts which might be that the former Vice President, now President, was dimensionally and diametrically opposed to his boss’s decision, but preferred to remain silent about it, influenced it, until he assume the Presidency and then scrap it.

Another thought could be that the President believes  in the tenure law, but the current state of tenure positions could be that the President cannot stand the sight of any CDCian being closed to him or becoming a part of his Government.

If the latter is true, then it showcases the bitterness both parties might have exhibited during the last six years and such is now engrained in the formation of this government and within its governance plan.

However diagnostic analysis might just be difficult to comprehend and conclude on as a critical question might pop up.

If indeed President Boakai did not agreed with his former Boss in creating the Tenure Positions, why did he and his Party not stand by President George Manneh Weah when the CDC argued that tenure positions were in contravention of Article 54a of the 1986 Constitution?

Why did they not agreed with him that Tenure Laws encroached on the President’s constitutional rights to freely appoint officials of government, but instead they vehemently opposed his attempts to nullified the tenure laws?

The fact that President Boakai along with others within the CPP supported the Tenure Laws against the CDC could suggest one thing and that is, the current emblogio is not about tenure laws being in violation of the presidential prerogative to appoint in compliance with Article 54a, but it is about this administration not seeing inclusivity, especially with CDC in its governance, being a totally wise and acceptable decision.

But the law being the law, there is no need to set up a committee to find loopholes to remove tenure holders from their respective jobs.

Searching for loopholes could clearly be an art of commissioning witch hunt. The right and proper course could be de-legalizing tenure positions through repeal of the acts creating them to revert to status quo ante which gives the President free hands.

As a thinker and author, my intent is not to denigrate President Boakai, but to help guide this nation, especially his Administration and help it to succeed and meet promised expectations.

I have known the President closely and interacted with him prior to his presidency and I think my best support is to advise the course from this un-preferred distance.

There are too many controversies generating at this early stage of the UP Government which questioned whether all is going to be well in this Country and for its people.

There are crucial people oriented decisions that need to be made. The first 100 days may soon evaporate without tangibilities.

That would signal failure. NAYMOTE has already placed this administration under the spotlight with promises made. Advisors need to help the President succeed instead of creating more controversies.

Furthermore, the nation awaits the government’s position on tuition free studies at public universities, WAEC fees payment for students by government, de-harmonization of salaries and salaries increment as promised, processing the implementation of war and economic crimes court, creating job opportunities, stabilizing electricity, and many other ambitious and needed development programs.

There are anxious minds and voices that want to see policies and programs taking shape as the direction of the administration appears to remain stuck in potential controversies. We must get back to the drawing table to remove all the dark clouds created.

There are, the Julie Endi cry for justice which questions this government commitment to the rule of law as promised; the alleged police brutality on peaceful students protesting against the continue closure of the University of Liberia which raises doubts on fundamental rights being protected under this administration; unbalanced geopolitical distribution of cabinet and junior cabinet positions which is contradictory to campaign promises made; controversial appointments, the denial of the former President from using the VIP Lounge and other issues  stirring Mr. President in the face.

UP needs to clearly define the course; pursue the course and reach the marks. Visibility of direction must be established.

I think Mr. President needs to review the paragraphs in his inaugural speech that promised a government of inclusion, reconciliation and unity.

There are actions being taken that are preventing their achievements and if care is not taking, we might have a sharply divided nation, less accomplishments, and more turmoil.

I write not to blindly criticize, but to make my contributions to “Think Liberia, Love Liberia and build Liberia”.

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