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Liberia: Morlu is My Son -Weah

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Former President George Weah Sunday paid tribute to the former Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change calling him a man of the struggle.

Mulbah Morlu contributed to the growth and success of the party during his six-year leadership, Weah said.

The CDC political leader told supporters that the party he founded 18 years ago is undergoing a restructuring process after the 2023 loss of state power.

Party members and supporters should not be discouraged about changes that will occur in the CDC leadership during this time of rebuilding, he said.

Morlu resigned recently citing policy disagreement with Weah. But the former President said those disagreements were about respect for internal party governance and wellbeing of supporters.

Weah: “Some people are resigning while some people are opting to get in that position. As supporters don’t be deterred. What is happening is a restructuring exercise.

“Anybody who resigns from CDC we applaud you for your work. Don’t be deterred. These will continue to happen until we get a goal achieved.

“The same day I arrived the chairman resigned. For me it is a pity that a young man I recruited and brought into the camp made a decision, no discussion, but again he’s our son. He’s my son I brought in the struggle. A man of the struggle but decides to take a rest.

“Everybody knows what has happened. As always, in the 18 years, chairman comes, chairman goes, and the party remains supreme. I don’t want you to be discouraged.

“Today another person will go and another person will come. If you look at the trend how many chairmen there are? But Morlu is the longest serving chairman. In the 18 years, some chairman achieved something but at the end of the day we have to continue with the struggle. He’s our brother and our friend. We will love him the same way”.

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