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“Boakai and His Gang of Desperadoes are Involved in Diplomatic Boo-Boo,” CDC’s Koijee Says

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Coalition for Democratic Change National Secretary criticizes the Unity Party led administration and President Joseph Boakai calling them a ‘group of political desperadoes who have made a noticeable diplomatic missteps.

Jefferson Koijee highlighted the Boakai’s administration “deliberate” decision to ignore the values of regional and continently groupings like the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States.

Since taking office in January this year, the President has skipped meetings of ECOWAS and the AU with no explanation. In those gatherings of the continent’s leadership the country has been capaciously absence. This prompted the opposition figure to question the President’s foreign policy direction.

“In this age of growing security instability in West Africa and the Sahel it is unthinkable that the President of our nation will confine himself to the comfort of his living room while his peers are finding solutions to regional and continently peace, stability and economic progress,” Koijee said.

“This only diminishes the standing of our country in a classic show of incompetence and poor foreign policy inclination.”

The opposition party spokesman also commented on Boakai’s treatment towards his predecessor George Weah who was recently humiliated at the Robertfield in Margibi County.

“How can they deny the former president the privilege of using the VIP lounge? This is deliberately provocative. He appointed Nelson Freeman, the man responsible for the deaths of our supporters at our headquarters, to a senior position in the police force despite his terrible human rights record. We have raised these concerns, but he doesn’t care,” Koijee said.

According to him, this action by the Unity Party government is a clear act of provocation towards the CDC, and the CDC will not take it lightly. The secretary general stated that the CDC handed power to the Unity Party through democratic means, something that hadn’t happened in decades of governance.

However, the party will resist any form of provocation from the Unity Party. The Unity Party knows the CDC’s numerical strength and their methods for dealing with these pathetic gangsters.

“The country is currently on autopilot. It’s difficult to tell who is in control now. Bad decisions are being made and everyone is passively sitting by as if nothing is happening. But we all need to be careful. If things continue like this, it will not be good for the country and it will undo a lot of the progress made over the past six years and beyond,” he said.

Koijee emphasized that as the main opposition, the CDC will actively engage the government in reversing some of the wrong decisions being made by Boakai’s administration.

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