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Liberia: How Mo Ali Plans to Increase Water Supply

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By  Zac T. Sherman

Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) Managing Director, Mohamed Ali has outlined key reforms for improving water supply across Monrovia and its surrounding areas.

Ali plans to restore water supply in Monrovia, reactivate the Caldwell booster station, and construct the PIU system as part of the entity’s efforts to return to viability.

The LWSC boss also mentioned the renovation of various facilities to create a better working environment for employees.

He announced plans for employee transfers and relocations, clarifying that this is not a witch hunt, but rather a move to meet organizational goals.

“I cannot do it alone, and I need all of you to join me in making our institution vibrant.”

Ali disclosed that there have been irregularities and fraudulent activities within LWSC, such as intentional water supply cuts, overbilling of customers, and awarding contracts behind closed doors to the detriment of the entity. He emphasized that these practices will end under his leadership.

“We are aware of these issues, and we will put a stop to them. If we want our customers to pay, we must stop cheating them,” Mo Ali stated.

Furthermore, the Managing Director made a commitment to start paying off the outstanding nine months’ worth of salaries, amounting to over US$2 million, owed to LWSC employees.

During the official turning over ceremony for LWSC in Monrovia, Mohamed Ali stressed that settling the employee salaries is a top priority in his first 100 days.

The newly appointed LWSC Boss did not promise to pay the salaries in full, but assured employees that partial payment will begin.

“This is a serious matter and will be part of our 100-day agenda.”


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