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Liberia: House Orders Finance Minister to Pay Two Months Delayed Salary

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The leadership of the House of Representatives has instructed Finance and Development Minister Boima Kamara to immediately pay the two months arrears owed its staffers.

In a decisive move, the leadership of the House of Representatives mandated the Ministry of Finance Development Planning to collaborate closely with its Ways Means and Finance Committee to ensure the prompt payment of salaries to the dedicated staff of the Legislature before the week concludes.

During its leadership meeting, House Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, emphasized the urgency of addressing the issue of salaries for legislative staffers, highlighting the importance of their work.

In a statement from the House Press Bureau, Speaker Koffa has assured the staffers that the Ways Means and Finance Committee is actively working  with the Ministry of Finance to expedite the salary processing, demonstrating a commitment to resolving this matter swiftly.

This decision was made following the appearance of the Minister of Finance, Kamara, and his two deputies for Budget and Fiscal Affair respectively on Monday, 11 March, marking a pivotal step toward ensuring the financial well-being of the Legislative staff.

The Leadership urges all stakeholders to recognize the gravity of the situation and appreciates the collaborative efforts between the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Finance to address this crucial matter promptly.


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