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Liberian President Boakai Targets Weah’s Allies in Corruption Crackdown Facing Resistance

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By Festus Poquie

President Joseph Boakai draws the scope of operation for his assets recovery team seemingly targeting allies of his predecessor George Weah, whom he suspects to hold questionable wealth after looting public offices.

The taskforce will be responsible for investigating and recovering assets that were acquired through illicit means. Critics liken its composition to a political venture lacking independent and professional undertone.

Main opposition Congress for Democratic Change National Secretary General Jefferson Koijee has expressed strong opposition to the initiative. Koijee said Saturday that no member of the party would willingly submit to the asset recovery process, labeling it a “reckless arrangement.”

“We welcome the establishment of the war crimes court and the economic crimes court. You have our support on that. We will work with you in consonant. What you term as assets recovery is a reckless arrangement. Not even a chicken that is associated with the CDC will give in.”

During recent interaction with the assets recovery team, President Boakai reminded the nation of the urgency to address corruption. He highlighted the fact that some government officials became millionaires within a short period of time, questioning the legitimacy of their sudden wealth. Boakai emphasized the necessity for individuals to be held accountable for their riches.

Addressing concerns of potential resistance, the President called on individuals to be accountable for their actions and not view the asset recovery process as a witch-hunt. He highlighted the importance of accounting for resources and revealed plans to establish a monitoring device to ensure quarterly reporting by government officials.

Boakai: “If you look around, people who have worked for just five years have become millionaires overnight.  What’s the justification? You think this country was just .made for you? What happens to all the children on the streets who are not going to school?  What happens to people who cannot have opportunity for medical? What happens to the elderly in the villages?

“When you worked for government or any institutions, you have to account.  Don’t call it witch-hunt when they asked you to account.

“Today you go to all the offices everything is looted from There. Today everyone claims to be rich but can’t explain how.

Citizens’ role in nation building

“We always say Liberians have the responsibility to build their country. We want to see good things happen, but we don’t want to take the necessary steps to achieve a better Liberia,” stated President Boakai. He urged citizens to be committed, disciplined, and have a love for their country, pointing to neighboring countries such as Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana, who have seen progress due to their dedication to nation-building.

President Boakai also emphasized that the solution to Liberia’s development lies not solely in government jobs, but rather in building a good nation with opportunities for investment. He announced plans to recognize and honor Liberians who have successfully established businesses and contributed to the country’s growth.

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