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Liberia: Statement of Principles: Our Mission, Our Values

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On March 16, 2023, we launched the Oracle News Daily with a clear mission statement: to report the truth to you! Accuracy, fairness, accountability, respect, integrity and excellence anchor our editorial policy and core values. When it is not true, it is not news.

Dishonesty, mischief and pretense are abhorrent to our practice of journalism. News stories bordering on the reputation of people will be handled with utmost care wherein the person(s) or organization(s) will be treated with respect, notified and not taken by surprise in our print or online publications.

Truth builds nations, makes it powerful but lies ruin everything and create a state of chaos and anarchy.  Journalism that prides itself in truth telling is a journalism that reforms, reconcile, heals wounds, builds strong economies, creates enabling environment and opportunities for investment and keeps the nations peaceful.

This is why we have come to tell the story and not make the news. We will be factual in the presentation of everything that matters.

The contract here is simple: we give you the truth; you give us your trust. The main goal here is to see the Oracle News Daily as the ultimate source of influential, intelligent reporting with authoritative infallibility. The Oracle does not lie and will not lie.

Our approach and contribution to democratic reform, good governance, rule of law, natural resource management is to expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, businesses, and multinational corporations and organizations. We will hold power to account under our monitorial role as watchdog of the society.

The Oracle News Daily is an independent news organization that will provide variety of services to the Liberian population through productive initiatives that seeks the empowerment of the Liberian society through the provision of quality and real-time news publications.

Our publications will be branded in a way that supports our strategic goal and separate us from other people.

We see it as an obligation to provide credible, vibrant and good taste to fill the gap left in implementing remaining issues relating to the improvement of the lives of women and children, vulnerable groups and creating a forum for social justice and the equality of all people.

To achieve these ends, we commit to increased advocacy that will be strategically underpinned by intelligent reporting and supported by credible research.

The management team of the newspaper has decorated experience in investigative journalism, research, writing, analysis as part of their practice as journalists in the country. They bring extra ordinary passion to the work for the empowerment of the oppressed people here and globally.

The Newspaper brings to your doors high-core professionals in their various areas of training with years of experience in these disciplines. They bring to their various positions clear professional records from institutions they have worked.

They are current and respected members of different professional institutions they hold memberships. The team is made of all the necessary diversities the country has to offer blended with knowledge in a professional way.



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