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Liberia: ‘I Have Not Received One Dime from Government’ – Boakai

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In a surprising revelation, President Joseph Boakai who lived on loan three years ago says he has not received any payment from the government since taking office in January this year.

“I have not received one dime from the government since taking office,” Boakai told his Assets Recovery Team while portraying his personal commitment to the development of the country

Boakai said the only exception was essential expenses such as electricity bills. This implies that he is financing his personal expenses through other means, likely his savings or loans.

The President also expressed skepticism towards individuals who claim to be wealthy without providing clear explanations of their source of income, hinting at a broader issue of transparency and accountability in Liberia.

The president’s statement comes nearly three years after he revealed that he was struggling to survive on loans after losing the 2017 election to his rival, George Weah. At the time, he admitted to having to go to the International Bank several times in two months to secure funds for his daily expenses.

Boakai acknowledged that he was relying on what he had earned as vice president to sustain himself as opposition politician.

Boakai’s actual wealth remains unknown, as he has chosen not to publish his statements of assets, including incomes and liabilities, which were filed with the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission last month. This decision has raised eyebrows and further fueled speculation about his financial situation.

The lack of transparency surrounding Boakai’s personal finances and assets raises questions about the broader issue of corruption and accountability within the Liberian government.

The president’s call for individuals to provide clear explanations of their wealth echoes the need for greater transparency and accountability at all levels of society but yet to lead by example.


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