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Liberia: Increase in Witchcraft Activities Alarm Commissioner in Nimba

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The Commissioner of Lee-Wehyepea Mah Administrative District in Nimba District #8 has expressed concern over the rising prevalence of witchcraft activities in the area. Commissioner James Yeanay disclosed this information during an interview with reporters in Flumpa over the weekend. He revealed that the practice is particularly common within the Gbannah chiefdom.

Commissioner Yeanay identified the chiefdom headquarters, Flumpa, and the township of Gipo as hotspots for high-degree witchcraft. Since assuming his role just four months ago, Yeanay claimed that he has successfully sent over 20 individuals to Dahnplay for a ritual oath due to their alleged involvement in witchcraft. Another incident occurred in Blohn Town, leading to a similar action.

The decision to take action against these individuals was based on voluntary confessions from many of the accused individuals themselves, who admitted to engaging in witchcraft activities within the district. Commissioner Yeanay vowed to continue his efforts to eradicate witchcraft from the district as long as he remains in office.

Yeanay also brought attention to a specific situation in Gipo town, where several young people are reportedly using Alligator gut to harm others. Although his office has not yet received official notification regarding this development, Yeanay assured the public that they are actively seeking solutions to address the issue effectively.

The acting Commissioner emphasized that the prevalence of witchcraft activities in the district is primarily due to the alleged inaction of previous leaders, who he claims failed to take concrete steps against the practice.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Yeanay, whose status has not yet been clarified by the national government, expressed his desire to remain in his position if selected by the Rescue Mission of Ambassador Joseph Boakai. He stated that he is not seeking government favor, but rather his work and abilities will speak for themselves.

Yeanay has already started using his own funds to renovate the Commissioner’s compound in Flumpa. Additionally, he highlighted the lack of respect for his office by some citizens and the shortage of chairs at the compound as major challenges he faces.

As the Commissioner of Lee-Wehyepea Mah Administrative District takes action against witchcraft activities, the district awaits tangible results and hopes for the eradication of this harmful practice.


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