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Liberia: Ex-Warlord Pleads for Prosecution

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George Boley, a warlord from the 1990s, is requesting that the head of the Independent National Human Rights Commission (INHCR) investigate his alleged role in atrocious crimes committed during Liberia’s first Civil War. Boley said it does not make sense to accused him of killing innocent civilians when the commission has the authority to prosecute him based on established evidence.

Boley’s rebel group, the Liberia Peace Council, is documented in the country’s Truth Commission Report for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. He is one of several perpetrators identified to face an international tribunal for these offenses. He has denied any wrongdoing.

Recently, the Chairman of the INHCR, Dempster Brown, accused Boley of murdering his mother during the civil conflict. In response to these allegations,  Boley held a press conference on March 18, where he denied the claims and referred to Cllr. Brown as a “pathological liar.”

Boley labeled the allegations made against him as “blatant and reckless,” and criticized  Brown for not producing any evidence to support the accusation. He further stated that if the rights commission chief  fails to present the evidence, he should publicly retract the allegation.

Boley also questioned why Brown, a lawyer  had not investigated him earlier, as mandated by his position and the Act that established the INHCR. Dr. Boley insinuated that Cllr. Brown’s failure to exercise his power suggested incompetence and a lack of evidence to support the allegation.

The former lawmaker accused the press of aiding and abetting Cllr. Brown’s desire for notoriety by circulating the unfounded allegations without verification. He criticized the media for violating journalistic principles by not seeking his version of the story and emphasized that this was an example of the free press present in Liberia.

The ex-rebel leader has called for the removal of Cllr. Brown from the INHCR to uphold the credibility of the commission and maintain peace and security in Liberia.


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