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Liberia: ‘You cannot Be a Woman and Be a Man at the Same Time’ -Weah

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In a recent address to members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Former President George Weah emphasized that the party is not just an integrity institution or social club, but a movement dedicated to championing the people’s struggle. Weah, the Standard Bearer of the CDC, made these comments while seeking support for the party’s new National Chair, Atty. Janga Kowo.

Weah clarified his statement, stating that once an individual has chosen to follow the CDC, there should be no other allegiance except to the party. He urged party members to prioritize their commitment and sacrifices to the political party, emphasizing that true revolutionaries only see the revolution and nothing else.

“You cannot be a woman and be a man at the same time,” Weah said.

“We are a political party. Most of you indeed claimed that you are revolutionaries, but a true revolutionary sees only the revolution and nothing else. So, if you are a partisan, we are not a social club, we are not an integrity institution; this is the people’s struggle, and we must make sure that the people’s struggle continues.”

Weah also highlighted the importance of unity and loyalty among CDC members, particularly in supporting the leadership of Atty. Kowo. He expressed the belief that the success and sustainability of Kowo’s leadership depend on the dedication and loyalty of all party members across the country.

“The only friend we have is the mighty Coalition for Democratic Change. This is our forward march; please don’t forget that you cannot be a girl and a boy at the same time,” Weah emphasized.

Weah also reminded Atty. Kowo of his responsibility to unite all partisans and ensure that the CDC regains its footing, especially as the 2023 presidential and legislative elections approach. He expressed his confidence in Atty. Kowo’s leadership and highlighted the opportunity for him to showcase his abilities.

“We are ready to work with you to make you successful. I remember when I said he’s a quiet guy, he’s going to be the Secretary General, but a lot of people were saying ‘no no, why why.’ Today again, we are here. I know who you are, and I know what you can do,” Weah concluded.

The CDC, under the leadership of Atty. Janga Kowo, faces the task of rebuilding the party and mobilizing support as they prepare for future elections. With the backing of George Weah, they aim to propel their political movement forward and continue their fight for the people’s struggle.

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