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Liberia: ECOWAS Meeting on Competition and Consumer Protection Law

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The ECOWAS Regional Competition Authority (ERCA) concludes advocacy and sensitization meeting on Competition and Consumer Protection Law held in Liberia from May 20-22, 2024.

The meeting brought together key stakeholders from various sectors, including government ministries and agencies, the manufacturing association, the banking and financial services industry, the private sector, the Chamber of Commerce, and consumer protection bodies in the capital Monrovia.

Participants discussed and analyzed the existing legal and regulatory provisions on competition in Liberia, identify any gaps, and work with the government and other stakeholders to develop a comprehensive competition and consumer protection law.

“The ultimate goal is for Liberia to have in place a standard and modern Competition Legislation that mirrors regional and continental frameworks,” stated an ERCA representative.

The meeting provided a platform for open dialogue and collaboration among the participants, allowing them to share insights, address concerns, and explore ways to strengthen Liberia’s competition and consumer protection landscape.

“This is a crucial step in ensuring that Liberia’s consumers are adequately protected and that the country’s competitive market environment fosters innovation and economic growth,” said a representative from the Liberian government.

The ERCA’s advocacy and sensitization efforts are part of its broader mandate to support member states in competition-related matters, with the aim of promoting fair and transparent markets across the ECOWAS region.

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