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Liberia: Government Confirms ‘Yellow Machine’ No Deal!

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The Liberian government is exploring the possibility of how it can effectively achieve its road infrastructure program using low and sustainable cost mechanism consistent with existing laws and best practice.

There has been no agreement reached with any organization or individual regarding large scale acquisition of road construction and maintenance equipment, Information Minister Jerolinmek Piah told reporters in the capital Monrovia Tuesday.

“Government did not decide and has not made a decision on the earth-moving equipment. There was only a video that came out unveiling the vehicles that the government is looking at but has not decided to have yellow machines, and once it is concluded, that will be announced.”

The Minister’s statement clarifies cabinet colleague Mamaka Bility’s [Minister of State Without Portfolio] recent announcement at a governmental work session that the Joe Boakai administration has acquired 285 pieces of earth moving machines to bolster low cost road construction and maintenance. The market value of the equipment is in the neighborhood of $30 million.

Oracle News Daily reported Tuesday May 27 that the President cut off the deal in an emergency cabinet meeting Monday to ensure the right processes are put into place to reflect respect for Liberian laws.

Lawmakers and opposition critics have being raising transparency and other governance issues since the deal was made public.

Paid said that Ms. Bility’s presentation at cabinet was showcasing what the government plans to do but nothing has been decided. Once concluded all lawful procedures will be met before any agreement is unveiled to the public.

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