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Liberia: Labor Minister Issues Work Permit Warning

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Labour Minister Cooper Kruah has issued a stern warning to ECOWAS citizens and alien workers in Liberia, emphasizing the importance of obtaining or renewing work permits to avoid facing severe penalties for non-compliance.

The Minister stressed the necessity of adhering to government regulations, which mandate annual acquisition or renewal of alien work permits for those employed in the informal and formal labor sectors.

Minister Kruah emphasized the need for ECOWAS citizens and other alien workers, particularly those employed by concession companies, to abide by the laws governing work permits to avoid repercussions from the Labour Ministry.

Non-compliance could lead to stringent actions in accordance with the existing Decent Work Act Regulations.

In a recent Labour Ministry press bulletin, Minister Kruah reiterated the government’s commitment to enforcing work permit requirements by deploying teams of labor inspectors and alien work permit verification experts to conduct thorough field inspections and follow-ups with businesses covered by the exercise.

This proactive approach aims to ensure strict compliance with work permit regulations among alien workers in Liberia.

The Minister  highlighted the pivotal role of the Labour Ministry in contributing to government revenue generation, with a target of over Ten Million United States Dollars set for the upcoming fiscal year.

This substantial revenue component is expected to bolster the domestic revenue grid and support vital public sector services in Liberia, aligning with the government’s financial objectives for the fiscal year.

As the Labour Ministry gears up for intensified enforcement measures and compliance monitoring, Minister Kruah expressed confidence in achieving the set revenue targets and ensuring regulatory compliance among ECOWAS citizens and alien workers in the country.


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