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Liberia: US Embassy Grants CSO STAND’s Request to Aid National Fire Service Build Safety Capabilities

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The U.S. Embassy in Liberia has acknowledged the urgent need to improve fire safety and emergency response capabilities in the country. In a letter addressed to Mulbah Morlu, Chairman of the Solidarity and Trust for a New Day (STAND), a prominent civil society organization in Liberia, the Embassy said it would aid the national institution overseeing fire safety related issues.

Morlu had written to the Embassy, appealing for assistance to equip the Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS), which has been struggling to effectively combat the rising number of devastating fire outbreaks across the nation. He cited inadequate equipment, limited financial and logistical support as major challenges in fulfilling the entity’s mandate.

In the Embassy’s response, Charge d’Affaires Catherine Rodriguez expressed appreciation for Morlu’s letter and the attention it brought to this critical life safety issue. She stated that the U.S. Embassy is currently reviewing its internal mechanisms to determine the level of assistance it can provide to the LNFS.

“This will take some time and we will reach out to the LNFS once we determine the level of assistance that we can provide.”

Morlu, in his letter to the Embassy, had highlighted the devastating impact of the fire outbreaks, which not only claim lives and destroy properties but also exacerbate the socio-economic challenges faced by Liberian citizens, institutions and residents.

He had appealed for logistical support, including safety uniforms for firefighters, as well as training programs to improve their skills and knowledge.

The U.S. Embassy’s response has been welcomed by STAND, which is hopeful that the Embassy’s assistance will help the LNFS strengthen its firefighting capabilities and better protect the lives and property of the Liberian people.

“STAND and the Liberian people remain grateful to the government and people of the United States for consistently coming to Liberia’s aid in critical times,” Morlu said.

“STAND uses this occasion to renew calls to other development partners to positively respond to the organization’s recent requests to support the government of Liberia through building the capacity of the Fire Service department to effectively fight the many fire outbreaks that have plagued vulnerable communities over the period.”

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