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Liberia: Each Toward a Goal

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By Paul Harry

The student burns the midnight candles

And the teacher does likewise

Each does so toward a goal

The student walks in the rain and the sun,

And the teacher engages in the same venture

Isn’t it done toward a goal?

A mother is carrying her child on her back,

And a child is carrying a doll on her back

Will anyone argue that each does it toward a goal?

A pastor is reading the Bible,

And a member is doing likewise

Doesn’t each do it toward a goal?

We see citizens protesting in the streets,

And we see government’s riot police chasing them

Believe me, each does so toward a goal

A man is seen depositing money,

And another is seen withdrawing money

Should we say each has no goal?

A citizen participates in elections,

And a candidate does likewise

Can we argue that each has no goal?

The woman wants to check her man’s phone,

And the man uses double password on it

Each does so with a goal

An elderly woman chooses a young boy,

And a young boy chooses an elderly woman

Each has a goal in mind

An old man desires a young girl,

And a young girl desire an old man

Doesn’t each have a goal?

A man approaches a woman,

And the woman accepts it

Remember each has a goal in mind

A man proposes to a woman for marriage,

And the woman happily accepts

Don’t forget that each has a goal in mind

God made man in His own image,

And man strives to worship and obey God

Indeed, each does so toward a goal

You do what you do, and how you do it,

And I do what I do, and how I do it

Remember we all do it toward a goal

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