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Liberia: Senate Considers Amendments to Confirmation Rules for Tenure Positions

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The Liberian Senate is engaged in discussions regarding amendments to its confirmation rules, particularly for individuals nominated to lifetime tenure positions such as judges.

The new proposal seeks to replace the current simple majority requirement with a two-thirds vote threshold for confirming nominees to tenure positions, including justices of the Supreme Court and judges in magisterial courts. This would require at least 20 senators to vote in favor of confirmation.

The amendment has sparked a heated debate, with proponents arguing that it would create a more thorough vetting process and prevent bottlenecks in confirmations. Opponents, however, raise concerns about its constitutionality and the potential for it to be used to block qualified nominees.

Some senators have proposed that if the amendment is adopted, it should be done with a vote of more than two-thirds of the senate. The amendment remains a proposal at this time, pending further discussions and a final decision upon the senate’s return from its retreat in Buchanan, Grand Bassa.

Concerns Over CTN and MedTech Operations at National Port Authority

President Pro tempore Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence has expressed concerns about the illegal operations of CTN and MedTech at the National Port Authority. She questioned why these companies are operating without legislative approval and urged the senate to consider shutting them down if they are not operating legally.

Senate Retreat and Reforms

During a four-day retreat, senators discussed strategies to address challenges and improve the operations of the senate. They reviewed and amended parts of their rules, financial management system, reform agenda, security measures, and national compliance policy.

Transparency and Accountability Initiatives

President Pro tempore Lawrence reechoed her commitment to reforming the senate and ensuring transparency and accountability. She has ordered a comprehensive financial review by the General Auditing Commission (GAC) and established a robust operating system to enhance oversight responsibilities.


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