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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Liberia: Boakai Backs Koffa’s Leadership

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In a show of unity across party lines, Liberian President Joseph Boakai has reaffirmed his confidence in House Speaker Fonati Koffa, despite Koffa’s membership in the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change party.

Boakai, whose ruling Unity Party lost the speakership race to Koffa in January, told aides that he trusts Koffa’s leadership and is committed to working with him, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The president’s endorsement comes amid speculation of a potential legislative coup targeting Koffa’s removal from the powerful position of House Speaker. Sources within the legislature indicate that such effort lacks concrete strategies and plans, and does not have the backing of President Boakai.

Koffa, who enjoys overwhelming support in the legislature where no party holds a clear majority, has demonstrated a balanced perspective on the country’s socioeconomic development agenda, even as an opposition lawmaker.

In a notable display of bipartisanship, Koffa presided over the approval of the new administration’s first appropriation act – the national budget for fiscal year 2024, which secured funding for President Boakai’s flagship “ARREST” development program.

ARREST, which stands for Agriculture, Road Rule of Law, Education, and Sanitation & Tourism, is a comprehensive plan focused on addressing key areas of development in Liberia.

The show of support from the president underscores the importance of maintaining political stability and fostering cooperation across party lines, even in the face of political diversity. Observers believe Boakai’s public backing of Koffa will help quell any attempts to undermine the speaker’s authority and disrupt the legislative process. It also points to a culture of inclusive governance.


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